Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Five Things

I haven’t done a meme like this in quite awhile.  I like them as I don’t have to think of a topic, and since it’s a Writer’s Workshop prompt…I’ll do it!  Maybe I’ll expand upon one or two in future posts.

Five Things You (Might Not) Know About Me…
1.  I am fascinated with the mafia.  I know organized crime is very bad, but I find it all very exciting.  I can’t be the only girl who fantasizes about being married to the mob…can I? 
2.  I don’t like to watch other people fold paper.  Seeing them run their fingers over the fold, making a crease, sends chills up my spine. 
3.  I have extremely high expectations of people and how they respond to situations.  When someone doesn’t live up to those (however irrational) expectations I take it as a personal affront.  It’s not fair of me, but I do it anyways.
4. I never received an “F” during the duration of my schooling until the last semester of my senior year of college.  I FINALLY turned 21 and had to register for a lecture-based computer class that started at 8:00 in the morning.  Once old enough to go to the bars, I spent most nights going out that year.  Needless to say, getting up for an 8:00 class didn’t happen.  The easy “A” turned into a FAIL due to attendance.  I was so stupid, but I had so much fun.
5.  There is a gun in my house, but it’s hidden in a closet because it scares me too much to even look at it.

Five Things I Know …
1.  The book is usually WAY better than the movie. 
2.  I know all the words to Bad Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce.  I can sing it for you right now…just ask. 
3.  Ice hockey rules – yes, even icing.
4.  Reading a map is quite easy for me, and I actually enjoy using a map to figure out where to go. 
5.  Growing up riding horses I have a wealth of knowledge about them.  Facts about their anatomy, their care, equipment use, etc. have taken up permanent residence in my head.  As a kid I even won awards for this knowledge.

Five Things I Don’t Know
1.  How to take a compliment – Compliments embarrass the hell out me.  It doesn’t matter if they are superficial or genuine.  If you want to see me turn bright red, say something nice to me. 
2.  How to say “no”.  Even if I don’t want to do it, I will because I feel bad saying “NO”. 
3.  How to play an instrument.  - I LOVE music but do not have a musical bone in my body.  Music is a foreign language that I’ve never been able to grasp.  I admire musically inclined people.
4.  How to pack – I worry that I’m not going to have what I need that I always over pack.
5.  How to garden – I so envy people who have green thumbs.  Mine is brown, just like my plants. 
Five Things I Believe 
1.  Credit card bills should be paid in full every month.
2.  Laughter is the best medicine.
3.  If you want something, you have to work for it.  For most of us, it doesn’t just fall in our lap. 
4.  It’s better to be single than in a mentally or physically abusive relationship.
5.  Believing in god isn’t synonymous with being a good person, just as being a non-believer is not  synonymous with being a bad person. 



  1. : ) I am glad you had fun your senior year in college.
    I totally understand about the no thing. I try and try...and fail!

  2. I agree with so many of those...especially the book being better than the movie...and not being able to say no...
    here from Mama Kats!

  3. The only thing I am 100% with you on is the 5 things you believe. There's at least one in each of the others I am not...but I do pay off credit cards and do not carry a balance :)

  4. I really like your fifth belief. It seems like a lot of people who feel the need to proclaim their faith do not act it out at all.

    I also love #2 of things we don't know, because, well, it's a little weird, and I LOVE finding out people's weird little quirks. I CANNOT STAND the sound of an ice scraper scraping off the car windows in winter. It makes me shudder.

  5. I LOVE Bad, Bad Leroy Brown!!!!

    Actually, I love most Jim Croce songs!

  6. @m-all that fun in college led to credit card bills that carried over. After grad there were loans and cc bills and it was so hard. Since paying everything off I vowed I'd never have a balance again. I use it tons for travel miles but it gets paid off every month no matter what.

  7. @rachael-ha, that's not even my strangest quirk. :)

    @hula - I'm singing it for you right now...

  8. I have held the gun you have in your house!

  9. @mike - I know! I should have you come over and get rid of it for me.

  10. I commented as soon as you published yesterday, but I sorta knew it didn't take when I hit send.

  11. Don't-know, forget completely.

  12. I Like this. I like the 5 things you believe. I agree with them. I did not finish the challenge or post this week, but did find 5 things I believe.
    That people should get their pets from their local shelters.

    That grandchildren are the greatest blessing of all.

    That Politics has become too polarizing, that moderation is not an ugly word and Religon has no place in Politics.

    That good manners are sadly lacking by almost everyone.

    Poor grammer is so annoying that I cringe when people open their mouths to speak.

  13. @bankerchick-yes! All 5 hit the nail on the proverbial head.

  14. LOVED this. Totally singing for me Monday at GLAD.