Sunday, November 27, 2011


As my week’s vacation is quickly coming to an end, I have a lot to post about, but no desire to do so at this time.  So instead, a quick post about Rigby.

Rigby, who is crazy, cracked a claw a week or so ago while acting, well, crazy.  I noticed that it was beginning to bother her, so I took her to the vet on my first day off.  Thank goodness it wasn’t anything too worrisome.  The vet had to trim the claw pretty far back and therefore wrapped Rigby’s foot to keep it from bleeding.  Because it was pouring rain that day, the foot was also wrapped in plastic to stay dry.  From the minute she was brought back out to me, Rigby wouldn’t leave her newly wrapped foot alone.  In order to keep her from chewing off the plastic and the bandage, Rigby was fitted with an E Collar, otherwise known as “The Cone Of Shame”. 
rigby 3

With the E Collar, Rigby acted as if I had actually cut off her entire foot.  She barely moved, and if she did she’d walk a step, stop, lift her foot up, and look pathetic.

Because her nose is so long, she had to wear a larger cone which was really too big for the rest of her.  She didn’t have an understanding that she was wider with this collar, so ran into the doors and wall corners.  When she walked up the stairs, she’d drop her head because it was heavy, and then get stuck on the stairs.  About half way up, I’d have to hold the cone up so we could finish our ascent. 

On the second day, she became even more pathetic, and whenever I sat down, she climbed into my lap, cone and all.  rigby 1 rigby 2
I tried to catch up on 2 months worth of Boardwalk Empire and ended up watching just one episode through her plastic cone.

Finally, on day three, she AND I got sick of the cone.  I had sent her outside for her morning '”business”.  It was raining and muddy.  Rigby walked out to the middle of the grass and then just stood, lifting her paw.  I went out in the rain to persuade her to finish up.  She continued to stand on three legs.  So right there, in the middle of the grass, in the rain, I tore off the plastic and the wrap, and took off the stupid hat.  That’s all she needed, she bounced right back to being nuts. 

I’ll have to hold onto that E collar for when I need a break from the crazy.


  1. Next time use some superglue like you would with a nail of your own, then cut it back. The glue stops it spalling back to the quick.

    It's the soft muzzle that my one decided is a punishment. And she's able to whip it off at a gallop once I release her to run.

  2. Puppies can be so funny when they have to wear the cone of shame. Have a great Sunday.

  3. Poor Rigby! Glad she's okay...sorry you both had to put up with that cone!

    Lucky you with a week off! My daughter had the entire week also due to furlough days. I just had Th-F off...only 15 school days until winter break...although I do not like the break with 10 days prior to Xmas will be interesting to see who is in school as the local high school has the opposite weeks off! Smart planning!

  4. @Vince - ah, I never even thought of super glue. I tried to trim it myself but it was too painful for both of us. $5.00 super glue is way cheaper than a hundred dollar vet visit.

    @Banker Chick - Yah, she's pretty funny, until she's not.

  5. @M - The rest of our school districts in town have a fall break in October. This one was ours...hooked onto two days already given to us. :)
    I agree with you on that early vacation. I'd must prefer to go as late as possible in order to have more time off after the holidays. Christmas is on a Sunday this year, so it's either 10 days before or 2 days before. Luckliy this year we go until the 23rd. With a month off, we get the first week of holidays over with and then 3 whole weeks of real vacation. I can't wait!

  6. Poor baby! Can't believe you only watched one episode! You have to catch up before our 2 day!

  7. @jlo - up to ep 5 now...I'm getting there slowly but surely. Had to watch most of this last one with my eyes closed...bloody!

  8. Kimberly,

    Poor baby! Years ago I had a male Pomeranian who had to wear "The Collar of Shame." He had injured his eye by getting into a fight with my other male Pomeranian. Prior to the "Collar of Shame" he was the Alpha Dog. But once he had the Collar on, he was a beaten dog. He looked so pitiful. We felt so bad for him. We took it off early too. He also had trouble navigating. I'm ashamed to admit we got a few laughs out of his stumblings.

  9. @Ron - Oh, did I forget to mention that I laughed...cuz I did. :)

    @Becky - well, crazy is definitely back!