Sunday, November 6, 2011

It’s Been Fall For Like 5 Minutes

Summer in So. Cal. seems to be lasting longer and longer these days.  We were still in the 90s (gasp) well into late October.  In fact, it was 89 degrees and WINDY on Halloween.  So the cold front that moved in yesterday, bringing a short storm along with it, was kind of nice.

my drive home from work Friday evening

stuff 001

I took Rigby out for a long walk after being cooped up all day.

stuff 013

stuff 015 stuff 016 stuff 022 stuff 024 The skies are particularly picturesque after a storm, plus everything seems so clean and fresh.

stuff 020 stuff 008 The strong wind (30-40 mph) knocked some pods off the magnolia trees. 

A new toy?

stuff 003 stuff 007stuff 004    stuff 021
Now we’re probably done with summer for awhile…fingers crossed!


  1. That cold front you got left 2" of snow on my front yard. Summer is definitely over here in Utah. Beautiful pictures, you can feel the freshness in them. I love the feel of the air right after a good storm, scours out our valley and leaves everything so crisp.

  2. @max - ha! Well we just had another little storm overnight which is probably headed your way. :)

  3. I admit, I'm unfamiliar with magnolia trees and am somewhat concerned that they sprout "pods"! That said, I absolutely love your bright pink leash!

  4. @megan ha! I actually thought they were pine cones at first if that makes you feel any better. However one fell while on the walk so I put two and two together. It does make sense as the flowers are gigantic. I guess they have to come from somewhere. Thanks...I like the pink leash too.;)

  5. Im in Santa Barbara and missed a storm on Sunday that DD2 said scared the dogs, I think we are in for an interesting winter

  6. I would love to live on the West Coast but the weather is where my reservations kick in; I adore the change of seasons.

    I live in the South and while it's quite typical for temperatures in my state to remain above 80 degrees into October we've had unusually early and cold Falls the last few years.

    It actually snowed here about a week ago.

  7. I think it is hilarious that as you are crossing your fingers for the cooler weather to arrive, I am crossing my fingers for the hot front to move in!

    I am sick of the winter rains!

  8. @BC - That storm was pretty crazy. It thundered like crazy for a few minutes and hailed, and then it was sunny.

    @BB - I miss the seasons A LOT after living on the East Coast for about 8 years. Fall was my favorite so the 90 degree fall weather is killer. I'm glad it's cooled down.

    @Hula - I would get tired of too much rain also. I like it when I'm not working, but at school it's awful...for so many reasons.

  9. Where did my comment go.

    I think it amounted to 'lovely dog'.

  10. Cute dog! And the skies there do look stunning!

  11. We had a cold snap early last month. Summer is gone for good (although next week it's supposed to return to the 60s a few days). Mother Nature is confused.

  12. Ah, that cool air moving in must have felt wonderful! My four year old daughter asked me if it was winter today...we are having snow flurries!

  13. OMGosh... 89 degrees??? Thats like the height of our summer - the best we ever get!
    What weird weather. I love autumn tho. cute pup playing.
    jennie. x

  14. Aww! Love your dog, he's adorable. And love the leash. Summer is way over here in Maine, too. Blah! Anyway great post, and nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :)

  15. LOL, love the second to last picture! What a ham! Great take on "fall" in your neck of the woods. :)