Friday, April 13, 2012

Historic LA Cont.

After our quick Angels Flight ride up to Bunker Hill, we walked back down the hill and across the street to the Grand Central Market.  This open-air marketplace is located in the The Homer Laughlin Building which was built in 1917. 

I found some good photo ops, but again, it wasn’t quite what I remember it being – a little bit more commercial and we weren’t too terribly impressed with the market’s options.  Unless of course if we had needed cat toenail

or stinky fried whole fish.

We headed through the market to Broadway where a couple more old (for us) buildings stand – the Bradbury and the Million Dollar Theatre. 
The Bradbury is the oldest of the two – built in 1893. 
stuff 043_2 The Bradbury was restored in the 90s and is absolutely gorgeous inside.          This building houses some government agencies including the LAPD’s Internal Affairs offices.

Just across Broadway is the Million Dollar Theatre built by Sid Grauman (of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre).  It was built in 1918 and was one of the first movie theatres in the US.
Later it was used as a performing arts stage, a Spanish-language movie house and live theatre, and more recently as a church.  Currently it is again being used for Spanish-language performances.

Both buildings were used in the filming of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner with Harrison Ford. 

The sites in these last two posts took just a little over an hour to visit, so we walked a couple miles north towards Chinatown to continue our exploration


  1. I love the shabby chic that goes with all that heat and concrete after 100 odd years. And the photo of the iron stair was lovely.
    But what shocked me, shocking shocked I tell ya. Since when did the Laughlins start shelling Homers.

  2. Cool tour...might have to do some L.A next time I head to down to my sister's.

    How many more days of school?

  3. @Vince - ha! Ya, it's not quite as impressive when you're used to structures that are thousands of years old is it? We've got oak trees that old though! :)
    That staircase and all that wood and marble - so pretty.

  4. @Marey - You should! It was such a quick trip since everything is close. We wanted to beat the traffic home so we were outta there by 2:00. Saw a lot in about half a day.
    As for school...too many days to count. We go until the last Friday in June - Gah! These long breaks are so nice, but we pay for them at the end of the year. I do get to look forward to a month of test prep and 2 weeks of standardized testing! That is sure to make the time go by fast (said while rolling my eyes).

  5. I think you need to be my tour guide when I am next in LA.

    Only throw in a few martini and food stops along the way!

    Oh yes, I was just amazed that mangos were only 89 cents each!!! They grow massive mangos about 5 hours drive away from here, and yet they still charge $4 - 6 per mango in peak season!

  6. @Hula - Of course! You will just have to visit for more than a day next time!
    As for the fruit prices - the fruit imported from Mexico tend to be quite a bit cheaper. There have been on and off warnings about the safety of this fruit. I try to buy more local and in-season produce, so I didn't shop there.

  7. @becky - it's an herb from south America that is said to keep you healthy. Una (with the tilde) means toenail or's claw. We just found toenail far funnier! :)

  8. Thank you for the map. Twas very handy.

  9. @vince - my pleasure!

    @jason - let's go get you one!