Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some Weekend Photos

Asparagus has been so good this year.  This easy roasting recipe – olive oil and sprinkled salt, 425 degrees, 10 min – makes them crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.  

stuff 008I have a confession to make…after making these as my dinner the other night, they didn’t even make it to a plate.  I stood over the counter and ate every last one using my fingers. So yummy!

The annual Trivia Night – our theme this year was LMFAO

Pulling together my outfit. 

stuff 021

It’s too bad they’re so shy!

stuff 026 stuff 030

We looked this good AND came in 2nd place – that is a first!

Rigby’s playmate Emma moved a few miles away last month. The two girls love to play, so we’ve missed her this month.  Emma’s Dad brought her over yesterday while he worked on getting his house ready to rent.  She spent the day with Rigby.

stuff 088

stuff 071

stuff 056

stuff 055
They had so much fun!

The backyard is looking nice again as things have started to bloom.stuff 078

stuff 080
 stuff 076 

stuff 103 Playdate over, time for a break.

stuff 101 While out running some errands on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I was inspired by these gorgeous Gerberas and some potted basil. 

stuff 014

Between the playdate and 5 mile walk, Miss Thang was pooped and put herself to bed.  Please notice the tongue.


  1. Looks like a great day for Rigby had a great play date. Roasted asparagus is the best!

    1. @bc - they had fun! It's too bad she moved because that kind of rough housing isn't enjoyed by all dogs. They are a good match for it.

  2. The dogs look like they had an absolute ball.

    I note smart arse that the photo with the big group with the chick with the red trousers won't re-size. And you look really scary, well done.

    Today is a no coffee day. I spent about four hours fast asleep. Jess is voting disgusted, but pity about her since she's had a mountain hike on Thursday dawn before I went shopping.

    1. @vince - nope, not me, I was the photographer, but link fixed. :). I'll take the scary "compliment" though - my hair was crimped and teased to an inch of its life. No coffee by choice? I've been contemplating a caffeine moratorium myself, but the first few days of withdrawal are enough to make me over think it.

    2. Oh, and yes the dogs had a blast! Apparently Emma escaped from her new yard last week, and someone found her hanging around my neighborhood which is about 4 miles away.

  3. Wild wigs and sleeping dogs. I think I'll stick around and see what you're up to next. Second place? You guys were dressed for first!

    1. @gp diva - I know right?!? We definitely deserved 1st for effort. ;). Thanks for coming by.

  4. Great photos! What a fun weekend! Especially Friday night. Who is that hot guy with the 'fro?

  5. @jason - I don't know but whoever he was made me laugh the entire time and distracted me from my trivia answers! ;). Friday was fun, a bit of a last hurrah though wasn't it?

  6. Trivia looked like a fun time!! i don't think I would have attire to make an outfit!

    Glad Rigby got to play. I took my adopted dog on walks yesterday and was so fun and the weather was beautiful!

    Is your break over?
    Happy Sunday!

  7. @Marey - It was a beautiful weekend - just perfect! The only items I previously owned from the outfit was the Vans and the red pants. The rest were purchased for the evening. I wonder if I can write it off on next year's taxes since it was for charity? :)
    Yah, this will be our 3rd week back from break. 9 more weeks until summer and, unfortunately, I'm counting down the minutes.

  8. Those flower and puppy pics make me happy. :) You all look super cute in your funky outits! Looks like a fun bunch o peeps.

    I'm totally craving asparagus right now. MMMmmmmm.