Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April into May

Now that we’ve turned another page on the calendar, it’s time for the Kathryn Wheel Calendar Challenge.  Here are my pages for April…

stuff 170 acrylic washed eggs and background

With everything going on recently, I’ve been on a journaling frenzy over the last few months.. stuff 171
stuff 172
stuff 180
stuff 174   stuff 181

I’ve just about run out of pages in this journal, so I made a new one to get started in. 

stuff 177It’s bigger than the one I’m currently using, and it has the most delicious Fabriano watercolor paper inside.  I can hardly wait to begin working in it.

April was a huge birthday month, so I made some cards.  It’s nice to have a stash of them at my fingertips when needed.
stuff 175  
I’ll leave you with this lovely song/video…

Have a wonderful May!


  1. [chuckle] her dirty feet puts a very odd clanger into the mix. And what the holy hell was the paper folding designed to symbolise. While the babies sock was a bit O.T.T in many ways not least that it was too too obvious and an unnecessary cute addition. Otherwise I quite liked it. Mind you I'm still uncertain if the sound is to go with the images as a sort of ballet. Or if it's like an 80s music video.
    That journal is quite dark generally. The runs in the ink and the dark patterns are very powerful. While the oval shape seems the way to go with the daily essence.
    How are you finding the acrylic ?. You can get a flo-improver that will save you a fortune in paint going off, for it really doesn't lend itself to ruminations otherwise.

  2. p.s. glasses be bitches to draw and/or paint. I've found bending one of the arms in 45 or more, while turning the whole takes the 'in mid air' feel to them. It the darn ear bit that's so pesky. It's a discordant line.

  3. your art journaling is soooo expressive, it really speaks to me! and you jump from one style to another with the same ease, wow!

    ps: love that song ;)

  4. @Vince - ha, I thought the sock part was funny/odd too. The still motion is clever.
    I do really like working with the acrylic. I find it much easier to get brighter/deeper color with it in a wash than I can using watercolor - much less effort. I haven't done much more than washes or the collage type painting with them. I'm limited skillwise in detail painting anyways, so just dropping watercolor in sketches is much easier for me than trying detail work with acrylic.

  5. @France - Oh thank you, I don't know how much ease I do it in, but that is a nice compliment. Thanks for coming by.

  6. Wow, great journaling pages.Your drawings are super. Thanks had a great birthday. :)

  7. Your calendar/journal is always so odd and colorful. I like it.

  8. wow gorgeous journal pages

  9. You have been a busy bunny. Love the vibrant colours and the daily 'eggs' :)

  10. Love the lollipop cards! Glad you have a creative outlet to handle all the crazy!!!

    1. @jlo - now I know what card I'm giving you in June for the big 4-0! ;).

  11. Gorgeous colours on your journal page - love the eggy spaces :-)

  12. Beautiful calendar pages, especially love all the colourful eggs.
    Your journal pages are wonderful and I love the new journal you've made x

  13. I love your work. Seriously. It inspired me to take an acrylic class!

  14. I love your glasses case... it's so fancy!! ;)

  15. Your completed April page looks divine, so colourful!
    Love your journal pages, too, and I'm almost envious of your drawing skills (I can't draw at all..).

  16. Wow, your calendar page is wonderful. And so good to see all your other journal pages too - you have been in a journaling frenzy!