Monday, May 14, 2012

Well, At Least Monday is Over

Two weeks of district and state assessments began today. 

tumblr_lu7i9k1Y6G1qc7mh1 267049452873841467_A4xgXh7c_c 267049452873858880_fvMYp6yM_c  fcat_cartoonThe sad thing is I looked EXACTLY like that teacher over the last few weeks.
 Fox-Testing-Test pledge standardized-test-cartoon-picture test_cartoon

standardized-tests-students standardized_test test3standardized-test   
267049452873864426_W5GSZ4Na_ctesting_cartoonTwo parts down…twelve more parts to go.  That’s I’ll I’ve got people. 


  1. Ha! Tell us how you REALLY feel. ;)

    I feel for ya. I really do. I can see how stressed my kid's teachers get on testing week. I try to do my part as a parent by helping, feeding kids well and making sure they get enough sleep.

    It does seem like perhaps a better solution other than testing would make a big difference in our students though.

    Good luck on surviving the rest of testing. :)

  2. @crystal - it would seem that teaching kids to think would be what is most important, but with the emphasis on standardized testing, that's the last thing that actually happens. Teacher accountability is necessary, but it shouldn't be at the detriment of our kids' education. I've almost had my fill of testing...I don't know how much longer I can do it. It's made learning terribly boring, and I use learning loosely. No one ever seems to ask us how to fix it either. What do we know anyway, we're only the teachers. Thanks for the luck. :)

  3. I sorry. I cannot comment on this subject. I just think it's ludicrous to test babies. They would be far better to use the money to drop the ratio of teacher to kids. For heavens sake giving them a boost of B1 vitamin would vastly change the results.

  4. @vince - well, thank goodness you did comment so I can continue my rant. YES, exactly. The amount of $$ spent on the testing company supplying the materials and scanning and reporting the results is just nuts when they say we don't have any $ money in the budget. They've slashed the arts and PE and newer teachers are losing their jobs left and right. But, somehow, they pay that testing bill every year. Argh! This year has been especially bad since a few weeks ago some high school students took pictures of the tests and posted them all over social networking sites. So now they have beefed up security. I've had to cover EVERYTHING on the walls in my classroom, even the science unit I'm doing - there's no science standardized test for my kids. So basically, none of us can teach after the testing is over each day because we can't access our materials. We've also been told the testing police will probably make a visit to make sure everything is kosher - again no $ for education but they can fly some bureaucrat down from Sacramento. It's a good thing though because I know my 7 year olds had plans on selling these tests on eBay.
    Ok really, that's it. I've got to chill out so I can go to bed and do it all over again in 8 hours.

  5. You're not even half way through it? Seriously, I hear that McDonalds is hiring!
    Love that quote by Albert Einstein. He was some kind of genius!

    1. @mark - I's painful. If I could only pay my mortgage with min wage mcd's pay. I do have to say that I, stupidly, decided to reduce my caffeine intake starting yesterday. So I think it all seemed even worse. :). I should have waited a couple of weeks.

  6. These are all good. I remember we had some testing when I went to school and took about 3 days and was in about 6th grade or 8th grade. It did not involve so much mainly reading comprehension. We'er in CA and in Escrow, so I busy and just catching up today. I love the Mom Song.

  7. @bc - oh no, escrow. The most stressful thing next to a death in the family, "they" say. Too many hands in that cookie jar to stay sane. And I feel the same about testing. :). Yah it used to be some milestone grade level testing, now it's everyone 2nd -12th.