Friday, April 6, 2012

Sometimes Slower Is Just Better

Normally cooking on Sundays for the week, eating between meetings, or while grading papers – this break has allowed for some quality time in the kitchen.  When you’re just hanging out, what’s the rush, right?  There’s time for slow cooking – slow roasted vegetables  (and fruits if we’re getting technical) to be exact.
   stuff 416_1

Yukon Gold potatoes and asparagus, both roasted with garlic, served with “steak a la Vince” (butter, tarragon, and garlic)

 stuff 425
roasted broccoli with garlic

stuff 433
added to penne with balsamic butter

stuff 448 
Rigby also enjoying my being home just hanging out – watching while I cook in the kitchen.

And the slowest of all

stuff 454

Slow roasted tomatoes with thyme (cooked on low, low heat for about 4 hours – great prep for those blah winter tomatoes)
stuff 460

like heaven in a bowl.

stuff 456  The BEST BLT ever.

I could get used to this…


  1. That looks nice, real nice indeedy.

    Now a bit of quid-pro-quo. Know anything about slow roasting a leg of lamb. I got one for Sunday coming. But I always find them tough bit of meat no matter what you do.
    I'll allow to stand overnight at room temp' with sprigs of thyme and sage stuck into it. It's 2 1\2kg.
    I have one of those oval roasting tins with the lid. Anywhos, I'm thinking 6 hours at 160. Thoughts ?.

    I like the peeping.

  2. Oh my! Good thing I read your post after dinner! Looks so awesome...I love tomoatoes...but you're right...winter tomatoes are nothing like ripe, fat summer ones....which reminds me... our farmer's market starts next month.

    Enjoy your break! I can tell Rigby is!

  3. @Vince - Hmmm, I wish I could help but I've never had lamb before...growing up, it wasn't allowed in our house as my dad was raised on mutton and refused to eat anything related as an adult. :) I looked at some recipes online just to see what it took, and it sounds like what you have planned is right on. I'm sure including those herbs will make it perfect!

  4. @Marey - I'm very much looking forward to those late summer tomatoes, unfortunately those mean 100+ temps to get them that good. Rigby is very much enjoying spring break. She and I will both be sad when I've got to go back - the five mile walks will be limted then.

  5. Oh my goodness! What a treat! I want those tomatoes you've got there. They are so beautiful. i'm drooling over here. YUM! Great job.

  6. @Crystal - They are a treat...better than candy!

  7. Yeah me too. It only these last very few years that I've started cooking it again.
    I can remember that ruddy mutton so laden with lard that you could have made candles with the stuff. (shiver)
    This is different. Almost no fat. And with the plus of being a joint so a different flavour and that Jessy eats more than half the contents. A two day joint.

  8. @vince - oh yes she will enjoy those leftovers as I'm sure your guests will enjoy the first go round!

    @blondeduck - me too!

  9. YOu had me at balsamic do you make that?