Saturday, April 7, 2012

It’s Time for Saturday Nine!

This week’s Saturday 9 questions…

1. Have you ever watched something unfold, that as you watched, you could not believe what you've witnessed? Not really wanting to start the post on a negative, but watching what has been going down at my school over the last year or so is pretty frightening.  On a larger scale – I’m  fascinated that our city’s high speed police chases are always televised live.  Those are usually unbelievable.
2. What is your favorite city in the world? Why? This answer depends on the day because pretty much any city I’ve been to is my favorite city for one reason or another.  In the US – Boston and San Francisco are faves.  Elsewhere…I’m a big fan of Italy and just adore Venice for its uniqueness and Florence for the art history.  I’ve also had lots of fun in London and Cape Town. 
3. What is the strangest film, to your sense of reality, that you have ever seen? Clockwork Orange was weird!
4. It seems that the older that you get, the less you want the hassle of seeing a live concert. Who is an artist or a band that you'd actually pay to see? I will suffer through traffic and crowds for the Dave Matthews Band, in fact we just got tix for their September show in Irvine.  I would also like to see U2 live at least once before I/they die.  For some reason or another I’ve never been able to get tickets.  During their last tour, my friend Mike was going with a group of people and one of them ended up not being able to go.  His ticket was offered to me!  Finally, I would see them!  Then Bono went and hurt his back, and the tour was postponed.  The previous ticket holder was able to attend the new date.  Denied again!
5. When was the last time that you lost your temper? I don’t know, probably driving in the fast lane behind someone going SLOW!
6. When you were little, did you think "sex" was a bad word?  I didn’t even know what it was when I was little.  These days we have kindergarteners talking about it. 
7. What does your smart phone do that really surprised you when you loaded the app? My bank now has an app that let’s me deposit checks simply by taking a photo of the front and back of the check and sending it in through the app.  The deposit, if done before 11:00 PM is put into my account that day.  I may never have to go to the bank again.
8. Have you ever been attracted to someone that you should not have been? Yah, that’s pretty much my M.O. 
9. Will you see the new "The Three Stooges" film? No

And how about you?


  1. A good list, we agree on many things. I forgot about Clockwork Orange.

  2. @BC - Kubrick is an odd duck when it comes to movie making. Eyes Wide Shut was another one that after it was over I just shook my head, muttering "What?!?!"

  3. Re. the car chases. Is it because the highway system is so extended that someone can get up in a 'copter. Still you'd think the criminal element would by now have copped-on that the carriageways are but a long narrow hallways to the gaolhouse door.

  4. Fun to learn new things about you...kindergartners and sex? I haven't really had any students talking about it BUT one kid a few years back know that my son's shirt with the baby on it was from Hangover...BECAUSE his dad let him watch it! Totally sex, drinking, drugs and violence along with humor?! Reeealy!?

  5. I was in Boston a couple of years ago. I stayed in the hotel that had been a prison.

    Have a great rest of your weekend.

  6. It was hard to narrow down the cities, wasn't it?

    I had to do a film analysis of Clockwork Orange. A memorable project. And not in a good way.

  7. @vince - I know, you would think, but they all know they'll end up on tv for their trouble I guess. For a few years there was a lot of bad press on the police because of accidents that were caused during some chases, hardly their fault, but they've been fewer and farther between since.

  8. @marey - oh yes it's kind of frightening what some parents let their little kids watch isn't it!?! A couple of years ago a 7 year old boy was transferred into my classroom because he told a little girl in his class that he wanted to (various sex acts) with her. Did he know what they meant? Probably not, but still inappropriate for school talk, and her parents were livid.

  9. @harriet - was the Liberty in beacon hill? That's a nice place!

    @quizgiver - it sure was - too many wonderful places. I bet that was interesting to say the least. It would not be one I'd like to see over and over again for research. :)

  10. If you can have a former prison called Liberty hotel, it seemed logical Chastity sells them rings in the former cathouse.

  11. I loooove Boston, too! I wish I had more vacation time because I long to go back.

  12. @vince - ha! Yes that seems appropriate. :).
    On another note...hope your lamb was a success!

    @thegalherself - me too! It's a great city. Thanks for coming by!

  13. Yes, the slow cooking seems the way to go right enough. I did it y-day so I had it cold today. I did it with cos-cos avec Thai green paste and sunflower seed and mint. The whole concoction came out kinda greek. Next time I'll put in five times the herbs.
    Mind you if I could have found duck that's what I would have had, even still.

  14. Oh shoot! I read this post earlier this morning, clicked on the comments page, got busy at work, left the comments page open with the intention of commenting, just got back to it and now I can't remember what the post was about....

    Oh yes!!!

    A Clockwork Orange, probably not the strangest movie I have ever seen, but it was terribly disturbing...

    I love Fellini movies, but some of them one spends the whole movie in a "What the...?" haze. For instance Satyricon.

    And I totally disagree with the statement that the older one becomes the less one wants the hassle of going to a live concert. Balls! I think one just gets more selective about which live shows one chooses to see.

    PS - I tried to use 'One' as many times as possible in honour of your love of U2.

    Let's see, what else was there??? OH YES!!! Attracted to someone you shouldn't??? Stories, please!!

  15. @Hula - I agree on the concerts. I'll still go if the music is worth the hassle.
    Ohhhhh, ya know, good girl, bad boy - the stories are as old as time. :)
    I do have a funny story though...Years ago, Jason and I went to see Charlie's Angels at the movie theatre. Have you seen it? While going into Drew Barrymore's character's back story it was mentioned that she always got herself involved with the wrong kind of guy. Then it was told that her real name was Helen Zass :). Jason turned to me and said, "You're Helen Zass!" And he's called me that since (whenever I'm being stupid). Over the last few years though, it's been much less! That will be the extent of my stories on that subject matter. ;)

  16. That is a good story, Helen!!

    And in the absence of a story relating specifically on good girl / bad boy subject matter, I will have to make one up in my head.

    Which actress would you like to play you??

  17. ...and please don't say Meg Ryan.

  18. You were going to say Meg Ryan, weren't you?

  19. @Hula - Ha ha ha! I didn't really know who I would choose, but Meg Ryan from Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail is probably most like me. :) The plasticky one of recent would NOT be who I'd pick. It would have to be the one from the late 80s/early 90s.