Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh Lordy, Another One is 40! and some weekend pictures

This weekend, I went to Jlo’s 40th birthday party.  It is the second one I’ve gone to in the same number of months.  Forty has always seemed like a lifetime away and now most of the people I know and spend my time with are 40+.  When did we get so old?  Let’s check out how the most recent 40 year old rolls…(Excuse the TERRIBLE iPhone photos.  I should have brought the big girl camera.)

stuff 083 The Birthday Girl!
 stuff 085 stuff 086 stuff 084
A few party favors

Some friends

stuff 088 stuff 090 stuff 091 stuff 094 stuff 101 stuff 096

stuff 098
If you were there, you know what happened next.  If you weren’t, well, you might be able to guess. 

Julie passed out our dancing shoes!

stuff 093

And then the dancing began.
stuff 114 stuff 116 stuff 103 stuff 104 stuff 105 stuff 106 stuff 113
Fun times!  I hope all of these oldies aren’t too tired to celebrate like this when it’s my turn.

My school district had ANOTHER furlough day today.  Other than losing the pay and instruction time, it was a nice peek at summer break, which is still NINE. DAYS.  AWAY. 

Since cherries are in season now, Mike, Santi, Jason, Stef, and I headed into the country again to Elana and Brent’s house for a wonderful afternoon of lunch and cherry picking. 

stuff 124
Even though Brent had to leave for work shortly after we arrived, he made us a wonderful lunch on the grill.  

Some fun country things.  

The goats were quite photogenic today.

Time for the cherries!



   What a beautiful day in the country!


  1. GREAT pictures, Kimberly! The party looks like it was a blast, and I love the goats -- they're adorable! :-)

    Furlough sucks, but it's awesome that you made the best out of it.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. @Kelly - Thanks! The party was fun. The extra day added on to the weekend was fantastic, but non paid days are a total bummer. At least I didn't need to go work in my room on this one, which is usually the case.

  3. I wonder what I'll be like when I'm 40...?
    Happy Birthday JLo!

  4. Yikes, trouble if ever I saw it, BOTH sets of photos.
    Ha, I'll bet you that all your parents hated with a vengeance to see you idle on the principle 'the devil plots work for idle hands'. :D

  5. Sooooo much f un! I will t otally rock your 40th birthday even if I'm ancient!! ;) Totally would have gone cherry picking with your people too! Will you make me a pie or jam? :)

    1. @jlo - You'd better! I bet you'll totally rock your walker. :). I didn't get enough to make a pie. Just enough for snacks.

  6. It looks like the birthday was a wonderful celebration.

    1. @mami - yes it was. The only thing that would have made it better...being on summer break like the rest of the world.

  7. Great photos (except for the one with me with my eyes totally closed)and what fun we had! Such a fun weekend.

    I'm glad you posted all about it.

    1. @jason - what? How can you even tell? The photos are so poor. It was fun. Remember when you rode in the "trunk" of my car? :)