Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some Pie Pictures, For Fun

This weekend, Mike, Stef, Elana, and I took in a movie.  It was the one about the old people who move to India.  I can not remember the name of it for the life of me.
Ahhh, the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – no wonder I can’t remember.  It was actually a very nice movie.  Plus, it made me move India up towards the top of my travel list.  All those colors, and the music!

Since we were in North Hollywood, Mike took us to a new place that recently opened just down the block from the theatre …The Republic of Pie on Magnolia Blvd. 
RepublicofPiePatch stuff 480

I liked the restaurant ambience a lot.  They did a good job with the design and decor.  Pie?  I can take it or leave it, so I didn’t really have expectations one way or another.

We ordered a variety of pies at the table starting with the savory – chicken pot pie and mac and cheese pie.
stuff 485

stuff 484They are served in coffee cups so are super cute.  The crust on top is to die for, but is missing the bottom piece.
stuff 489I’m kind of a fan of macaroni and cheese, so it could have just been served in a regular dish and I would have been happy.  The mac and cheese pie was unique and also darling, but maybe a little under seasoned.

Then came the sweet pies…
blueberry stuff 482  stuff 486   and rhubarb with strawberry.

Both pies were very good, but the crumble on the rhubarb strawberry was delicious.  I’d never had rhubarb before, but I liked it because it wasn’t as sweet as other fruit pies.

I enjoy novel restaurants, and the Republic of Pie certainly is.  It fits into its hipster NoHo neighborhood quite nicely.  We had a fun time.


  1. Oh, you had the builders in !. Nice, I like it.

    These days I have to be careful about the type of sugar so I don't buy -if I can help it- anything with more fructose than glucose. Since almost all bought pies have HFCS as their main ingredient as the filler it's no fun at all eating them.
    I tend to make my own compote. And yes the tartness of the rhubarb is addictive.

    p.s. life is way too darn short to be messing about with pastry caps on fricking teacups. Frankly I'm doubtful of the good in having it on anything less than ten inches across when you can slap the shop bought puff down on the pot crimp and slit a steam hole or two.

    1. Yes the hfcs is really terrible isn't it. We've got commercials on the television, paid for by the corn people I'm sure, saying it's no different than cane sugar. I do think it would be fun to perfect a pie crust, but I only make a pie once a year on St.Patricks Day, so the store bought works just fine. The little pies are fun though plus there's no worry about having to eat it for the next week and a half to not waste it. :)

    2. Yep builders. You did a re-design. New kitchen cupboards, new white goods, new paint job. And it would seem an extension or two. All that's missing is a deck-mit-BBQ. :-D

    3. Oh yes! I also figured out how to get the reply to comments on here. Blogger didn't used to let that happen, but recently I've seen others use it. It worked!

  2. You lost me at Maggie Smith and her sour face.

    1. Ha ha! Yes she was a sour puss in the movie but by the end we liked her.

  3. Oh that move to India is done mostly by people with a good civil service pension. It gives them the lifestyle that cost of living just could never allow in the home country.
    In the past it was South Africa. But that got a bit too hot as many of them got kidnapped. But the basic notion is that for every £,$,€ you will get the spending of ten of them. So a good half-pay pension of £40,000 will give the lifestyle of £400k thereabouts.

    1. I was amazed how far my $$ when I traveled to South Africa. Even after the exchange rates were calculated on the visa and all of those fees, it was the most inexpensive trip I've ever taken, minus the ginormous airfare of course. I can see why people would relocate for that reason. Here we have a lot who retire and take their CA money to Arizona. Mexico is an option too, but the drug mess down there has made it less so.

  4. I love your pictures of the Republic of Pie. Clever name. I think I would like that movie. Too bad none of the boys in this house would. Darn it.

    1. You probably would. It wouldn't be one the kids would like, but Gary might? :)