Tuesday, November 12, 2013

About Time

The movie “About Time” recently came out, and since it was a holiday weekend, I had some time to catch it with a friend.  When I first saw the trailer, I wasn't so sure I wanted to see it with its time travel premise.

I’m not really a fan of science fiction, even under the guise of a romantic comedy.  A few years back, I read The Time Traveler’s Wife and was so overly confused I didn’t even bother to see the movie (which funnily enough also starred Rachel McAdams).  However when I found out “About Time” was written and directed by the same person who made “Love, Actually” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, two faves, I agreed to give it a try. 

As it turns out, the time travel ended up being just a clever way for the main character, “Tim", to better understand life, love, and his family.  Some of the reviews I’ve read are hard on this aspect of the film citing errors in time travel logistics, but not being a time travel buff I didn’t even notice them. 

Although the story centers around “Tim’s” quest for love, I enjoyed the relationship between time traveling father and son just as much.  Bill Nighy played the off-beat but loving dad who broke the ability-to-time-travel news to his son when he turned 21.  I’ve been missing my dad a lot this past week, so the idea of going back in time to see a loved one after they are gone, just one more time, resonated with me.  Although that caused about 5 minutes of snotty tears where I frantically dug through my purse looking for a tissue.  It was very sweet anyhow. 

It’s been some time since I’ve been to the movies and even longer since I’ve seen a film that I would recommend.  I liked this one.  Other than the minor breakdown about two-thirds of the way through, it had some very funny writing.  I suspect, as with “Love Actually” and “Four Weddings…” it will get funnier after each viewing.  The writing is very fast and witty so catching all the good lines the first time through is difficult.  “About Time” isn’t a blockbuster and probably won’t be nominated during award season, but it is a very nice film.  Everyone walked out of the theater smiling and just in a good mood.  To me, that makes for a successful film. 


  1. A big close hug about your Dad.
    On the film you can keep it. Wild horses wouldn't get me it to see it. And four weddings would be a good film without Grant and what's her name. Who does that self same roll of moany b&*^h in every film she's in. In Green Card you want Depardieu to just 'do her' to shut her up.
    I don't subscribe to the men only wanting one thing school of thinking, but the hormonal make-up denies us the worry of too much understand life, love, and family. And quite frankly if we did you'd be offering us vagisil coupons like on the Big Bang. And anyway you make up better versions of us anyway, why ruin it by thinking about things when we aren't equipped.

    1. Thank you. :) It's always surprising when it hits me out of the blue like that.
      Ha! That BB Theory was FUN-NY.
      Maybe you'll see it when it comes out on DVD - like the fly fishing one you saw recently - I hate to break it to you...that was a chick flick too. I agree that the woman actress you mention is irritating but I do like Hugh Grant's self-depricating humor.
      I personally disagree that you all don't worry about that stuff - I'll give you that men may worry about it differentl, but I think there's worry all the same.
      How are we making up better versions? Meaning you're better with us than without us? :)

    2. I think grief hits us throughout our lives. I think what only allows us to survive at all is a forgetfulness when the current happenings push memories back into the mind like a fresh fall of snow. It was probably a scent that you've associated with him unconsciously that was the trigger to far deeper reaction than usual.

      No, you ascribe better motives to us than we deserve much of the time. But then there are times when the reverse is true. We aren't 'always' trying the separate you from your pants.

      And noooooo, are you sure Fly Fishing was a a chick flick. The subject matter sure wasn't designed to draw you in was it now in fairness. Women tend to think " if you want a fish that bad, go to the market and buy one a professional has hoiked out in jig-time along with 400k of its brother fishies". You do tend to think fishing either as a monumental waste of time or a way to keep men out of trouble. Usually both.

    3. Oh, yes, I definitely think it was billed as a romcom and had that typical love story formula. However, I will give you there was more to the story which would appeal to men. I think this one has that with the time traveling to a point as well.
      Ya know what's interesting, that this discussion got me thinking about, is that all these so called chick flicks are mostly written, directed, created by men. I don't know what that says about anything beyond it being a male dominated business, but it is ironic.

      Nah, I don't think "we" all feel that way about fishing or what have you. It's not a waste of time if you like doing it.

  2. I have wanted to see this movie for the same reasons...Love Actually and 4 Weddings. Good to know that it is worth it.

    1. Both good films. This was very different than Love Actually but then there were some similarities as well.