Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Goldilocks and the Three Cups

A few weeks back, I noticed that my travel coffee mug was on its last leg.  It is a double-paned/insulated tumbler-like mug and some moisture has found its way in between the two panes of insulation.  I’m worried that there’s a crack or something and this will lead to mold. 

So off I went, hunting for a new mug.  On the first try, I didn’t have to go very far.  I found another mug, very similar to the one I was using, in the back of my cups’ cupboard.  I have no idea where it came from, but it looked to be in good shape.  After the first use however, I knew I didn’t like it.  Between the slide open lever catching all the drips in its edges making it a bear to clean and the coffee only coming out in a slow dribble, I decided it was time for a new one.

The second one I found, looked perfect.  It was plastic, so could be microwaved.  Sometimes at work, I set my coffee down on my desk when I arrive at school and don’t have a chance to pick it up again until the kids go out to recess.  It would be nice to be able to warm it up if needed.  The new cup also had a flip up cap without the edges so it would stay cleaner.  I got it all washed and ready for Monday morning’s coffee.  But it DIDN’T fit under my coffee machine.  Ugh!  After finding the receipt at the bottom of my purse, back it went to the store. 

And then another trip to a different store.There I found a darling cup that I was even more excited about.  It was ceramic, (so could also be microwaved), it had a great top, and it was the right size.  As an added bonus it was such a pretty color.  Sold!  Again, I got it all washed and ready for Monday morning.  It had a couple of stickers on it so I soaked them off as well.  The round sticker on the bottom came off easily enough for me to read the words on the bottom of the cup – Hand wash only, no dishwasher, no microwave.  All good things to know before buying a product…too bad they were all covered up when I bought the cup.  Off I went again to return it.  The store happily took it back even without the stickers.  They didn’t really care that I was duped into buying this cup due to that sticker, but I told them anyways. 

So three weeks (and three cups) later, I am no further along than I was before.  I can’t find a cup that is the right height, with a good top, that can be nuked for the life of me – even online which doesn’t ever fail me.  Argh!

Isn’t it funny how the most mundane things can cause such frustration?!?! While I am thankful that only a small problem is causing me frustration these days, I have spent entirely too much time on a solution… 


  1. The older I get the more convinced I get that a bit of OCD is not just a good thing but a necessity to survive the vicissitudes of modern life. But the vessels that allow us to perform on a form of auto-pilot can let us down sometimes as with your sippycup.
    In truth though, you are far far better investing the time to find one that fits seamlessly in your life than getting one that in some way will always grate. Some things you just don't need to think about. Now I don't know what you're like of a morning. You could well be a spark, but equally you could be one who isn't flying on all engines until up at least two hours where speaking to you might be likened to poking a cobra. Eitherway, the investment will repay.
    In fact since you are on this mission it might be time to check out an entire new coffee production system. :-)

    1. Definitely cobra poking, least if woken up by an alarm. Slightly less if I get to wake up on my own like on a Saturday morning. :)
      I will continue to search. I'm off next week so it won't be limited to my saturday shopping. It pains me say it being such an insignificant thing, but I will scour the city.
      Hmmmm, this means I need a new coffee maker too?

  2. So sorry...I was given a Starbuck's cup that works well but can't be microwaved...I don't drink coffee so it really isn't a problem...but what I don't like about those cups is that most of them have such a big lip on them...I want to be able to sip, not tip the cup all the way up.

    I think the ceramic ones can be microwaved just not the slip on rubber top- if that is the kind that you had purchased.

    TGIF tomorrow!! Short week ahead!!

    1. I actually have a good starbucks one that I keep at school for if I'm desperate - but I haven't been desperate since last year when caffeine got out of control. It's a nice cup, can't be nuked though, but the drink opening doesn't have a cover so it doesn't travel well in the car.
      The ceramic one I got said do not microwave and also that it was made in China. There's probably lead in the cup or in the paint. I thought about trying it, just to see if I could make it work on the rare occassion I needed to warm it up. But I was too nervous it would explode and I wouldn't be able to return it.

      I'm sorry to tell you that I don't have a short week as I have the WHOLE week off. Yay! :)

  3. Have you seen this one

    1. Yes! I like that one very much. I'm having a hard time finding anything like it here, even on our amazon. I'll keep searching using the name, maybe the search term I'm using is the problem.
      It's fairly priced, even after the conversion, so it wouldn't be unreasonable if I ordered from the UK site, depending on the shipping of course.