Tuesday, October 7, 2008

  • Oh for crying out loud! I tried to be all fancy (since JLo told me to) and I played around with my background. Well, I LOST MY WHOLE THING! I even saved a copy of the code before fooling around and it still doesn't work. I've lost all my widgets and thingys and doohickeys. My blog is still open during repairs; please excuse the construction zone.
  • A couple of weeks ago I ordered a printer/scanner/fax machine from Costco. It's this one...
    I'm so excited because I can scan old photos and make them better using photoshop. Now, I also have bloggin material up to my eyeballs. Just wait, childhood story after childhood story. Looking through the old pictures reminds me of some fun ones, and having pictures to go with them make them much better.
  • I've been asked about my lack of Tasty Tuesday posts during the last few weeks. I have been slacking. My mom has been in town from Hawaii, and we have been busy going out to visit friends and when we have been home, I haven't felt like cooking. She leaves tomorrow, so I should have some time this weekend. In fact, I am going to a brunch on Saturday and am bringing a really, yummy egg dish. I will post about it next week.
  • I have been waiting for season 6 of The Shield to come out on DVD for a year and finally it has. It came from Netflix a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't had time to watch it. My mom has been in town, but this Saturday she went to visit some friends. I spent all day Saturday getting my Shield fix.. Two more discs to go to get through the season, so I can start watching season 7 on my DVR. I love those bad, bad boys

  • I went to a wine bar with some friends this weekend and funnily enough, our waiter looked just like the guy above, on the left. Spooky!

  • I had salsa tonight and JLo and Julie joined me. The other "ladies" were less annoying this week, or maybe I was just less annoyed.

  • The NHL's new hockey season starts this weekend! Yay! Hopefully my Kings will play better and get themselves out of the bottom for the first time in years.

  • I received two funny Halloween picture emails this week. They made me laugh out loud.

Halloween's gonna suck this year...

Drunken Pumpkin


  1. How in heck does that happen to a blog!
    I love that new printer/scanner and I can't wait for the childhood tales and pictures.

  2. That last pic made me laugh! Thanks :)

    Have fun with your scanner!

  3. How the hell did you loose everything? Do I need to come over and school you on backgrounds? Glad my rep was recovered last night by attending salsa. Can't wait for more recipes and little pumpkin pictures/stories!

  4. See, that's why I get SO NERVOUS when I think about changing my template. I'm sorry you lost your widgets and doohickys.

    I am looking forward to your new stories.

    And I love the Halloween photos.

  5. The drunken pumpkin is surely no delight! Gross...who thinks of that stuff....(people like me.)

    Sorry about your blog...but I am sure you will make it cool once again...Happy Hockey Season...GO SHARKS!