Thursday, December 4, 2008


Last week I made some card packages for my friend Tami. Tami has been a big supporter of my cards for the last couple of years which is great because I love making them. This year she asked if I would make her some different sets so she could give them as gifts for the holidays. I made 78 cards (packaged into 6) over my fall break from school. Each set has 6 cards and they are inside a small folder tied together with ribbon. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Marey over at elementl-p is doing a fundraiser and I just donated 2 card sets to her good cause. Take a look if you are interested in donating an item or donating to win an item.


  1. You are way too talented! I envy people who do stuff like this!

    I'm so glad you jumped on board Marey's fundraising efforts this year. It's such a worthy cause, and Marey And Post Card Cindy have been devoting so much time for so many years helping families of cancer kids.

  2. wow, these look really awesome!!!!! I would buy some if you were sellin.

  3. Your cards are SO beautiful. Oh my goodness. I can't believe you can do this. It looks fun! I wish you lived next door so we could make some cards together : ). Do you want to move? Don't worry about our frigid winters, you will LOVE Pennsylvania!

  4. Your donated cards are beautiful! If you are selling them, let me know...because a certain friend and fundraising companion writes tons of letters each year to patients with I would like to purchase some for her....and Heaven knows teachers could always use extra income right?!

  5. I have a little award waiting for you at The Jason Show, Pumpkin.

    Sorry there's no prize attached to know, the award IS the prize. :)

  6. Hi Kimberly! Thanks for stopping over at my site! I'm glad you liked "Australia"... I may have been too harsh in my critique (I was expecting QUITE a lot from "my Hugh").

    And yes, he IS a hunka, hunka burnin' love, isn't he??! :-)

    I love your cards - you are so creative! Alas, I was born without any sort of creative gene whatsoever... ;-)