Friday, December 26, 2008

Meeting the Artist

This past week my mom and I visited the Wyland art gallery in downtown Kona for an artist event. Wyland is a marine life artist who is most known for his 100 "Whaling Walls" all over the world. I have seen his work a lot as it is quite prominent in Southern California and Hawaii. On Sunday, Wyland was at his gallery in Kona and I got to meet him.
After some champagne and hors d'oeuvres he painted a picture in front of everyone. It was amazing! His work is not really my style as far as it doesn't go with the decor in my home (plus it's super expensive), but his work is truly beautiful and to watch him paint was so cool. First he sketched out the honu (sea turtle).

Here is a closeup of the sketch.

After letting the paint dry a bit (and signing books and prints), he went back in and added the color and detail to the honu.

Then he signed his name to the painting.

Here is the finished product. The honus are my favorite part of Hawaii so to watch him paint one right in front of me was quite a sight. I also must add that he was very friendly and seemed to enjoy his audience (I'd be a nervous wreck). It was a fun night! Oh, and in case anyone was interested, the painting was put up for sale for $15,000. Yikes!


  1. Wow! And you love turtles! That's a fun way to spend an evening in Hawaii!

    Did Santa find you clear out there in the middle of the Pacific?

  2. Wyland is HUGE. That sounds really cool...once in a lifetime kind of stuff.

  3. Oh shoot! And you only had $14,999 on you! I hate when the happens!

  4. That is awesome that you got to see him in person! Did that make you like him more? You know how I am with meeting authors. So cool, I'm totally jealous! We just went to a big gallery of his in Key West.

  5. It is a VERY beautiful painting.
    $15,000 is a lot... Almost as much as your Christmas bonus. I can see how you didn't want to part with that for one purchase : ).