Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jet Lag?

I have traveled across the US, to Europe, heck, even Africa and up until yesterday I have yet to suffer from jet lag. Sure, I've been tired from my trips before, but nothing like what I have suffered from since returning from visiting my mom in Hawaii.

My flight out of Kona was at 9:30 Sunday evening, yes the red eye, and I arrived in LA at 4:45 am. I returned home about 6:00 am, dutifully unpacked my bags, worked out, and then got my clothes sorted to start the laundry all by 7:30 am. And that was the end of me. About 7:30 I crawled into my wonderful, comfy bed "just for a little while" and woke up at 9:30 am.
I called my friend who was watching my dog while I was away and said I'd be there in a little while to pick up Koho. I went back to sleep and woke up about noon. Often I sat up in bed and told myself it was time to get up and then I'd fall back to sleep. About 2:30 I finally pried myself out of bed, put on sweats and went to get Koho. On my way home I remembered I had laundry to do. So when I got home, I went back upstairs to get the laundry, but found myself back in bed. I think I woke up again about 9:00 PM to let the dog out and went back to sleep. Still forgetting about the laundry.
Even after all the sleeping I did yesterday, I still slept soundly and didn't wake until about 9:00 am. Again, let the dog outside, came back up to bed, checked my email, and fell back to sleep. Finally, about noon I dragged myself out of bed to do the laundry and work out. However, I forgot all about the laundry again and just worked out.
After deciding I had a couple of errands I needed to run I took a shower and then sat on the couch for about an hour trying to get up the energy to go outside. I had three places to go, all three in the same side of town, but instead of going in that direction, I went the other way - the whole time trying to remember where I was going?!?!?!?!
I ended my errands with a trip to the grocery store and I got out of there without incident. As I drove into the garage and saw the washer and dryer I remembered that I needed to do my laundry. So I went upstairs to get the laundry and got side tracked on the computer when I realized that the groceries were still in the car. Ugh!
After the groceries I went outside three times to get the mail and take the garbage cans out and two of those times I forgot why I went outside. Seriously.
It's so weird. This flight was only about 4 1/2 hours and it's only a 2 hour time difference right now. I keep thinking that it's because I'm 35 and not a spring chicken any longer, but I'm hoping it was just because of the red eye!
It's about 10:00 PM, a day later, and I finally feel back to normal. Oh, and I just finished the laundry.


  1. I'm lauhging at the tag "I love my bed" on your post.....that's very cute. :)

    I love my bed too.

  2. Did you meet some cute Hawaiian man there? You sound pregnant to me! Hee Hee

  3. Hah, I am laughing at the comments. Well, welcome back. I hope you had an awesome time. As for your questions, I did hear the grill thermometer works well from someone else who had one. You put a probe in the steak and then it beeps you on this wireless thing you have in the house. And yes, we LOVE Tommy Bahamas. Been there 2x in the past month. They have one here in Orlando.

  4. I think life is just catching up with you. You never stop. Plus, it sounds obvious to me. You MUST be pregnant!!

  5. So funny : ). Were you super busy on your trip? Hmmmmmmmmm. I haven't gone anywhere on a plane in a long time. Gary is afraid to fly. We should ask Grandma J because she is the expert traveller : ).

    The dog thing didn't work out. I think the people decided to keep him. They haven't returned any of my calls. They were supposed to come over for supper but they stood us up. Kaish is so sad!

  6. Did I already tell you that before? I think so. We are making tenative plans to go to the SPCA before his Birthday on the 9th.

  7. Oh my goodness! You will do anything to keep from doing laundry!

    But sweetheart, you shouldn't be lifting a heavy laundry basket when you are pregnant.

  8. Welcome back!
    Happy New Year!
    I feel like I have jet lag and I didn't even change time zones! I spent too many hours today waiting for our delayed flight with 40 high school boys and girls so we could return from a basketball tournament. Then my husband said I was probably tired because we didn't eat today...then when I thought about it, well, I had a glass of milk at the hotel and we shared a mini pizza at the airport...but I will still sleep well tonight!