Friday, January 2, 2009

A Week With My Own Marley

So, I'm living my very own "Marley and Me" this week. I am dog sitting my friends' dog for the week while they are camping. These are the same friends that watch my dog when I am out-of-town.
This is Haley. Haley is a yellow lab who is about 9 years old. Haley is a sweet dog, but she is also a 100 pound beast! During the times that I have "watched" her she has dug up my yard, eaten a sprinkler, chewed up my slippers, and numerous times I have found myself standing on top of my couch or bed with a rolled up magazine trying to get her to stop (fill in the blank). She is the messiest eater and drinker (more water is on the ground than in her mouth), she jumps straight up in the air when I bring her food and water, often knocking the bowls out of my hand in the midst of her jumping bean-like behavior. She also walks around when she poops so cleaning up the mess is time consuming since there aren't any piles, but rather little pieces sprinkled all over the grass.

Now that Haley is getting older, she has settled down some and this winter my friends have decided to try her in the house during the day. Up until now, Haley has been an outside dog. This new privilege began a day or so before I left for Hawaii. I was told when I dropped Koho off that Haley had been pretty good inside and there was hope that she would be able to be part of the family inside the house during the day. Koho of course was thrilled with that since usually when she stays, the dogs remain outside and Koho doesn't really understand what she is doing outside with "that dog".

Apparently, the inside thing was a success and I was told when I picked up Koho and Haley to take them back to my house that she had been very good inside. That was great for me since my dog likes to be inside and I have always felt bad to leave Haley outside when we were inside. There were just a few exceptions. The one that concerned me the most was that if she drank too much water she would throw up. Hmm, OK - no water inside, that's for sure. "No worries," I thought, "Everything will be fine." This is how it has gone so far.

  • The first afternoon (the day of my extreme jet lag) I let her in after making sure she had done her business. I blocked her from going upstairs, but she was allowed to wander around downstairs where there are only tile and wood floors. She spent a little bit of time sniffing around, and then found Koho's water and proceeded to drink it all up, leaving a lot of it on the tile floor. Remembering the exception, I took her by the collar to make her go outside. As I pulled her, she planted her bottom on the ground, her collar came off over her head, my socks slipped on the wood floor, and I fell on my bottom.
    • Later that night, I let her back in to see how it would go. She found a chewy bone in Koho's toys, squeezed her way onto Koho's bed next to Koho, and went to town on it. The next half hour was pretty pleasant and calm with Haley chewing on the bone and staying in one place. Not really paying attention, I suddenly heard the lapping of water. I had picked up the water dish before letting Haley in and then I realized it was coming from the bathroom. Haley was drinking out of the toilet. Before I could get a treat and get her outside, she threw up in my bathroom. She spent the rest of the evening outside.
    • The next day, I tried it again. I was in the process of making chicken enchiladas that evening. I grilled the chicken outside while the dogs milled around inside and out. I brought the chicken in, sat it on the counter (you already know what's coming, don't you), and quickly went back outside to clean and cover the grill. When I came back in, Haley's two giant paws were up on the counter and she was eating one of the chicken breasts. Back outside she went.
    • Koho has a dog house outside that she never uses but Haley loves it. However, my dog is about 45 pounds and Haley is a beast. She goes in the dog house, but has a little trouble getting out. This week I have often walked outside to see her and when she tries to get out of the doghouse it is stuck to her backside and she walks around with the house on her back - like a turtle.
    • With the water put up, the toilet seats down, and no food in sight, I let Haley back in the next afternoon. She found the chewy bone and a spot on Koho's bed again. She finished the bone and started to walk around again. I firmly told her to go back to the bed. She did, and then got up. I snapped my fingers and said, "Go, Haley." She walked back to the bed and then I heard this rustling noise. I looked over and she was humping the bed. That's right! Outside again, and that is where she is staying put until she is picked up on Saturday.

    I know, pathetic isn't it?


    1. This is funny! Naughty Haley! It really was like a movie, you falling on your bottom and all.

      The photo at the end topped it all off perfectly.

    2. Totally adorable : ). I can't believe she ate the whole chicken breast. Ay yi yi : ).

      I still don't know where or when we are going to get Kaish one. The SPCA is a great idea. I'll keep you posted.

      Hope you had a happy New year : )!

    3. I feel your pain my friend. I feel your pain. The kids and I just got back home after about 2 hours out - running errands, hitting a couple of sales, etc. and "Destructive Diva" had destroyed the following:
      *a pair of earmuffs
      *the dustjacket to a favorite book (the book itself is still AWOL)
      *the user manual for my new camera (it is SHREDDED)... luckily the camera itself was out of reach)
      *a new sketchpad

      She's a MACHINE.

      And yes, she does the "feet on springs" thing when it's time to eat - all 4 feet straight up in the air.... she has also shredded carpeting, down PAST the padding, so the wood floorboard is exposed.

      You REALLY have to love a Labrador to keep them around. :-)
      You're a good friend to babysit Haley.

    4. This is why I don't have dogs. Worse than having two kids!! :)

    5. judging by the box office, it looks like Jennifer Aniston is giving Brad Pitt a run for his money...

    6. That poor puppy! Look at his sweet face through the glass door!

      Do you have any photos of you falling on your bum or the house stuck to the dog?? But more so ones of your falling on your bum?

    7. I raise retrievers and they are the BEST dogs in the world if they're trained. They love people a ton and can do great inside -- again, if you know how to train them. And they are SMART so there is no reason not to train them. Haley's owner's need to get a GOOD trainer and they will find themselves w/the best dog imaginable. They do love to chew but if you give them rawhides and (again w/the help of a trainer) teach them what they can and cannot chew - they learn quickly. It makes me terribly sad when a dog gets blamed for being bad or "naughty" or a "handful" when in fact, it's the PEOPLE's responsibility to teach the dog. Sorry - didn't mean to write a novel but I've raised retrievers most of my life ...........

    8. Oh I can't help but laugh! Yellow dogs, as we call them here, are just dumb! They can't stay out of trouble! We had a yellow that we rescued and he was never as smart as our black labs....never walked around with the house on their backs! Saturday is here!

    9. Good ol Haley! I can't believe that she still hasn't
      settled after all of these years! That makes me a little bit worried. Though I am giving Madison only a few months to learn how to behave. Maybe that is a little unrealistic for a part lab?
      Just proves that Koho is the wonder pup!