Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Bachelor

The new season of The Bachelor begins tomorrow evening. Yay! I know, I know, it's reality trash, but I am a reality TV fiend, and this is one of my favorites. I do prefer The Bachelorette since I'd rather watch a house full of men do manly things rather than a house full of women do catty, bitchy things, but that's neither here nor there, The Bachelor is better than nothing.

This season's bachelor is Jason. Maybe he looks familiar to you. That is because he isn't a newcomer on The Bachelor/Bachelorette series.

You may recall that on the last Bachelorette, Jason made it to the final two. The previously rejected Deanna had been chosen to be the new bachelorette and she promised not to lead anyone on or break anyone's heart. She narrowed it down to the free-spirited Jesse and the straight-laced, single dad Jason.Well, she broke Jason's heart. As he knelt to propose to her, she pulled him back up and said she couldn't marry him. You could hear a gasp around the country.

Instead she wanted to be with Jesse. He proposed and she said yes.

From what I've heard, they aren't even together anymore...anyone surprised? It made for good reality TV though.
Is anyone going to watch? Don't worry if not, I will keep you up to date.


  1. I hate how pathetic the girls act and how they "just know he's the one" after 1 hour. Blech. That's one reality show I can't jump on board with. I do, howveer, have to tell you that I finished all seasons of Weeds. I wasn't sure how Nancy was going to make it out of that one, but boy did she!! And, I heart her new hot Mexican Mafia drug lord.

  2. Are you going to do recaps for us? I will be watching, even though I don't consider it "reality" in the sense of who would do that and how superficial everyone is. But...I love the entertainment aspect.
    I'm also very mad that CBS isn't doing a winter Big Brother. I was even praying for another writer's strike. I'm bad, I know.

  3. I'm with you.... I prefer watching men do the pursuing, instead of watching women act catty and vindictive... call me old fashioned, but it's more romantic... (and, candidly, I think men like to be the pursuers most of the time).

    And for the record, I thought Jason was a WAY better catch than Jesse.

    I will probably watch a few episodes, although I'll have to do it "secretly" (my husband will tease me MERCILESSLY if he knows I am watching). But I do like Jason. He seems like a good guy.

  4. I know I won't watch it, but I do like this Jason guy. Maybe it's because he has such a great name. Or maybe it's his hot smokin' bod.

    I'm sure I'll have no problem being kept up to speed, though!

  5. Oh I'll be watching with you. I don't always watch, but some seasons suck me in and Deanna's Bachelorrette season was one I watched from beginning to end. I knew when she didn't pick Jason that he'd get his own show. Wonder if we'll see his cute little boy?

  6. Im going to watch....

    I didnt like Deanna much, and never understood what she was in Jesse (was suprised he got past the first night!)

    I like Jason....but a guy that would be willing to propose to Deanna (especially a guy with a child- so, he should take more time to be SURE)....well, he lost points with me there...

    Im not sure I think a child should be brought into this, but, we shall see how it goes....

    there are worse things,,
    Like, does anyone else find it ironic that Sharon Osborne was the head mistress (or whatever) of Charm School? Sharon who's husband walks around on drugs, who's kids had no manners AT ALL, let alone any moral standards.....who let her animals go potty all over the house....and drops F bombs like she's got a war to win....SHE was the judge of these girls? to watch tv :)

  7. One other thing about Jesse .... look at that picture of him.... does he have "Mrs. Brady" (Florence Henderson) hair, or what?

    I mean, seriously. When you're looking for Husband Material, do you REALLY want a man who has hair like that? LOL. :)

  8. I used to watch the series but had to stop. Even though we DVR I only take on enough for 1 1/2 week's worth of TV. I'm also not a huge reality tv gal. But we can still be friends :)

  9. I am super in love with Jason from the first second I saw him last season. I actually need to go home right now so I don't miss it!!!

  10. ...Is it just me, or are the girls on the show this go-round predominantly skanks and flakes????

    Poor Jason. He's got to weed through a LOT of cubic zirconia before he's going to find his diamond....

  11. I don't watch it, but if you think I should, just say the word : ). I used to watch tv. And then I started blogging. And now, hours upon hours are spent here in front of the computer in my own little blogging world : ).