Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Bachelor

I thought this past week's The Bachelor episode was not meant to be. I record EVERYTHING that I watch these days because I hate watching commercials. That often means however that I don't watch the shows on the days they were originally recorded; usually a day or so later. So Tuesday morning (that's right, still on vacation) I got snuggled into bed to watch my Bachelor and low and behold it was not on my list of recorded TV shows. "What?!?!" I gasped. I checked a couple of times and it had been set to record on the DVR, but somehow my DVR failed me! I panicked for a minute and then quickly checked to see if I could find the episode online. Phew, it was there and I was able to get my Bachelor fix for the week.

The first 20 minutes or so was spent reminding us how Jason, the bachelor, had been "rejected" by Deanna last year and how glad he was to have been on that show because now he knows he can love again, blah, blah, blah. We were also subjected to watching the 25 girls share why they are perfect for Jason. Another good reason to record these shows - fast forward through the dumb parts.
Something I found odd, but then again maybe not so odd was that Jason brought his son Ty with him to Los Angeles. I'm not a parent so I'm not sure if it is better to be with your child and subject them to the craziness that is The Bachelor, or not have them be part of the show, but have to leave them for a several weeks. I can see why he wanted to bring his son, but it's still a little odd.
Finally, Jason was introduced to the 25 women one at a time. One at a time the women stepped out of the screaming limos to meet "the man of their dreams". Some were nervous, some were cool, and some were just silly. As it turns out four of the women are single moms.
Then the cattiness, I mean cocktail party began. This is the 2nd most "train wrecky" part. The girls fought for time with Jason and when they weren't with him, they were bad mouthing whoever he was with. One girl had memorized his MySpace page but promised she wasn't a stalker, one girl said she quit her job to be on the show to meet him, and one read him a poem she had written. Another had Jason make a hot dog in front of her so she could size him up, another share that she created vision boards and those visions usually came true, while two others danced salsa with him.
The host, Chris Harrison, joined in the fun by announcing there would be a vote. Each girl would choose the person who they most wanted to see leave. That sent everyone into a tailspin. While the women debated who they would vote for, Jason gave out his first-impression rose to 29 year old Nikki.
After the vote, Chris announced that single mom Megan had the most votes. She was shocked and the others were all smiles. However, Chris shared with the group that Megan wasn't leaving empty handed, she was leaving with a rose. That pissed a lot of girls off and even though Megan was saved, she called the girls "f---ing b--ches"(Happy Wife had to fill me in on what she said cuz I couldn't understand over the bleeping.) I wonder if that rubbed Jason the wrong way.
Jason handed out 13 more roses to the women he wanted to remain in the house which sent 10 women home.
After the rose ceremony is the most "train wrecky" part on the show. Most of the women were fine with it, mostly just embarrassed to be chosen to go right off the bat, but there are always a couple who fall completely apart...over the guy they met like an hour before. This time it was Jackie, the wedding planner, who told us that she had already planned her wedding to Jason ten times. Wow, I bet he regrets that decision!
My favorite part of the show is the previews for the following episode. It seems things get very heated this season and the claws come out with bitch slapping and everything! Plus, it appears that Deanna will return and wants Jason to give her another chance. I know, are you just dying? Tune in Monday night to see episode 2 of The Bachelor.


  1. I predict Megan will further show her true "trailer park" colors by getting into a fistfight with one of the other girls.

    (And truly, no offense to those who live in trailer parks... we lived in one when I was a kid, when my Dad was in the military and we were "between" base housing assignments. It's really just an expression!)

    I also predict more boobage (er, silicone implants) will be shown.

    The girl with the vision boards was a little scary to me... I believe in the power of the positive thinking, but she was a little..... OCD, perhaps?

  2. Oh how I love the cheese fest that is the bachelor. A friend and I IM'd through the entire thing. Many of our comments were some version of "these women need to eat!"
    Can't wait to see what happens next. Hopefully many scenes with Jason shirtless!

  3. OH MY GOSH! I really need to watch the show because this is too hilarious! A girl planned a wedding with a guy she never even meet? Creepy to the max!

    Girls are so crazy. Who in the world would ever be on these shows. They can no be normal people.

    I definitely do not think I would bring my kid around all of that craziness.

  4. I watched it too, but you give the best "blow-by-blow" so I'm glad you got to see it.
    I love the show, but for my own sick selfish reasons...I love watching others make arses out of themselves. But, I think they all go on that show for the exposure, and I think the casting director looks for the insane variety of women.
    Leave the child with grandma, Jason!

  5. Okay, I wasn't going to watch this season but your play-by-play of the episode totally captivated me. So I have scheduled my Tivo to record the replay of it in just a few hours. I can't wait to see what happens, especially when Deanna comes back. And I agree with you about having to record everything because of all the commercials and recaps on the reality shows. By the way, do you find the bachelor attractive???

  6. Wait. What? A woman sized him up by asking him to make a hot dog?

    What information did that tell her about him? The ratio of ketchup to mustard and if her uses relish is someone a culinary crystal ball?

  7. Pumpkin,
    The replayed it again last night.... I re-watched that segment with Megan the potty mouth. I think the term she called the girls was "@ssholes".

    Not as bad as the original term, but still, HARDLY something that Miss Manners would approve of.

    Anyway, I'll definitely be watching tomorrow night. I've been sucked in for the whole season. LOL.

  8. OK, first, I love Dave Matthews Band. And I love this song. Second, I've never watched the Bachelor, but you made it sound really interesting. I hope you do this with every episode because I don't have an hour to watch it, but I *do* have five minutes to read a post.

  9. Happy Wife watches this trash? I had higher expectations from her that that. Oh, well.

    Now, Karen on the other hand...I would expect...

    And you...well, I already know how much you love your trash.

    And is "Silver" the Silver that I think it is?

    You know I'm only razzing everyone. I love myself some good trash just as much as the next girl.

  10. I haven't watched The Bachelor in years... I may need to start after reading this. I feel like I didn't miss a thing. Thanks!

  11. Oh my gosh! The girls are so trashy. That one girl who lost her husband looks like she spends way too much time at the Plastic Surgeon's office. It will be interesting to see what Deanna says.

    I always watch shows online because I HATE commercials!

  12. To answer Jason, yes it is the Silver you think it is. I have a problem... I am a blogger lurker. I throughly enjoy reading both of your blogs pretty much all of the time but rarely comment. It is sad and pathetic but true. Please help. By the way, I'm looking forward to Pumpkin Delight answering the questions on the Jason Show.

  13. OMG, I missed last week, so thanks for the recap! Cant wait to watch tonight.

    I think it is a good idea to have his son there (as much as it's a good idea for a single dad to be dating, I guess) long as the girls dont meet the boy. I am sure Jason has lots of "down time" to be with his son (after all, he isnt working a regular job now.) Hopefully, someone like a grandma or nanny is there to help take care of him when his dad goes to "work" (bachelor stuff.)...

    If they introduce him to the girls, I think that is wrong.

    Anyhoo....cant wait to see the catty desperados tonight. Remember the female doctor, who went nutso when that doctor eliminated her the first night? So funny!!


  14. I came over to see your Jason show interview answers....what's going on here Pumpkin! Please don't tell me you are actually caught up in REAL life and you are not concentrating on blogging. Please. Don't. EVER. tell. me. that. : ).

  15. I am SO excited we are SUPPOSED to be getting digital cable Tuesday.. That means shows from the US in REAL time..