Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Bachelor, Episode 3

Well, it was another uneventful "The Bachelor" this past week. I don't know if it's the 2 hour episode or if Jason, the bachelor, is just not that exciting anymore, but this season has been a bit ho-hum to me. But, there are a few things that need to be mentioned...

First, Stephanie got the first one-on-one date with Jason this week. She is the widowed mother of a little girl who she was missing a lot on her daughter's birthday the day of the date. Jason surprised her with her little girl joining them on their date to Lego Land. They seemed to hit it off; at least it was edited that way. She did get a rose at the end of the date so she gets to stay another week.

Later, Jason took a group of the ladies to make casts of their breasts for breast cancer awareness. After the casts were decorated they joined Jason for drinks. Opinion Alert: The group dates are always super catty and just annoy me. On the group date, Jillian (the hot dog girl) received a rose so she is also safe another week.

Jason's next one-on-one date was with Natalie who the rest of the bachelorettes didn't care for at all. It was a "dream" date as Jason arrived to pick her up with millions of dollars in jewelery. Of course the other girls were so jealous. Then he put her on a private jet and a helicopter to Vegas. They had a night on the town and Jason tried to get to know her better. When asking her to tell him about herself she said, "I'm a sporty girl who likes clothes." Surprisingly, Jason did not give her a rose and she was sent packing, that is after she had to return the jewelery. The rest of the house was thrilled. The cocktail party was next up. As the girls vied for Jason's attention, Jason was looking for some answers. Natalie left the show ranting and raving about the others and Jason wanted to get to the bottom of it. Right before the rose ceremony Chris Harrison, the host, confronted the girls for Jason. During the confrontation, Shannon ran off and threw up in the bathroom. Opinion Alert: After she got sick, Jason found Shannon and she hugged and kissed him...Ewwww!
At the rose ceremony, Jason chose to eliminate Erica, the arguer from last week, and Kari, who I don't even remember being on the show. Opinion Alert: I am so glad Erica is gone. She was a b-otch on the show.
There are 9 remaining bachelorettes. Molly, Lauren, Melissa, Naomi, Shannon, Nikki, Megan, Stephanie, and Jillian. Opinion Alert: At this point in the show, I think I like Jillian best. Yes, she is the hot dog girl, and that was a little kooky during the first episode, but she seems the most normal of the bunch. We shall see what happens during tonight's episode. I'm still waiting for Deanna to come back and cause more drama.


  1. Ha ha! This was a great update! I missed this week's show!

  2. I see you redecorated!

    They have eliminated that many women and they are only thre shows in?

  3. I'm loving this season. Maybe it's your excellent reviews. You have a way of sifting through the fog for me. Jason isn't my favorite bachelor by a long shot, but I'm finding the women sub par too so there's no need for me to get jealous! HA!

  4. Yeah it was a little boring. We could do with one hour. I HATE Stephanie. She is trying to look way younger than she is. I like Jillian but it's never the one they make it look like it's going to be so I don't think she'll win. We'll see.

  5. I'm happy Erica is gone. He should have tossed Megan too but (for ratings) they have to keep one of the trouble makers in the house.

    Shannon is kookoo for cocoa puffs. I'm a little afraid Jason's going to come home and find a bunny boiling in a pot, and Shannon standing there saying "I won't be IGNNORED, Jason!" (Remember "Fatal Attraction"?!) Just kidding, but still.

    The blonde cupcake was killing me. Could she have been MORE materialistic and shallow? It's amazing to me how men can be so blind to that!

    This is the first time I've watched the whole Bachelor from beginning to end.... I must say, I'm hooked. (And I KNOW it's drivel, which is what is so sad!!) :)

  6. Thank goodness! I didn't know who that Kari girl was either!
    Still waiting for the return of Deanna!

  7. Tonight Jason did the smartest thing he has done thus far....he didnt give a rose to either of the last 3 girls. They were all psycho-stalker types, and I think he feared having to fend off one more kiss.

    OPINION ALERT: What's up with the speed kissing? It's like he was kissing one girl after another, after another, WHOA!

    I like the girls that are left. Not sure if Stephanie is down to earth enough for him....speaking of that extra rose, he probably would have liked to give it to Nikki.

    OPINION ALERT: What was with the matchy-matchy dresses tonight? Was it me, or was everyone wearing tiered, layered, ruffle type dresses? Did they just happen to all pack those dresses, or did some designer give them to the Bachelor wardrobe crew?????

  8. I didn't like the girl that said "I am trying to be real and show you the real me. Please keep me." I don't know her name. I thought they all acted so stupid. It kind of made me sick. I am not that impressed with him either. Do you really like him? I have to watch some more so I can understand it better.