Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Bachelor Recap

This past week's The Bachelor was kind of a "take it or leave it" episode. It was pretty mild; not a lot of drama. It was far from a train wreck like many of the episodes are, however there were a few moments that need to be pointed out and/or ridiculed.

First, Jason sent his son back to Seattle to spend time with his mom. Opinion Alert! There were mixed reviews about his child being in the midst of this crazy show, but I was glad that he was sent back. The show is funny and trashy, for adults, but it's not appropriate for kids.

The 15 ladies chosen by Jason during the season premiere moved into their mansion and were told that there would be some group dates and some one-on-one dates, and even more shocking was that not everyone would be chosen to go on a date. "Gasp!" That is a Bachelor first.

After they got settled in the mansion, Jason showed up unexpectedly for a pool party. The party must have been uneventful as I don't remember much except for Jason taking off his shirt.

Jason surprisingly had to give out a rose at the pool party and chose Jillian (the hot dog lady). He whisked her away on a one-on-date, much to the chagrin of the others. He took her to the Disney Concert Hall where they had champagne and goodies and then Robin Thicke put on a private concert for them. Opinion Alert! I would be so uncomfortable at a private concert, both as the audience and as the performer. Wouldn't that be awkward?

Later Jason took Melissa (the Cowboys cheerleader) on a one-on-one date, and then a group date with all but two (Raquel and Megan) of the remaining girls. After dropping the ladies off at home, Raquel snuck into Jason's car to get some time with him. Jason is visibly shocked by this overt display.

At the cocktail party, the women fell all over themselves vying for Jason's attention. Before the night really got going, Lisa bowed out of the running because her grandmother was very ill and she decided she needed to be home. After he says goodbye, Jason went back to mingling with the women. Opinion Alert! Jason has the worst "I'm pretending to be interested but you're freaking the heck out of me," look on his face. It's a strange smile, but kind of fake and creepy. Watch for it next time.

Megan (the girl who got the most votes to leave and was given a rose instead) was part of a conflict again this week. This time it was with Erica. However, this time I felt bad for Megan, as it didn't seem to be entirely her fault. After Molly, who already received a rose on one of the dates, "stole" Jason away from Megan, Megan told a group of girls, including Erica, what had happened. There was a discussion about if a girl who already has a rose should monopolize Jason and the consensus of the group was that they shouldn't. Erica told the group that she wouldn't do that. Later, Erica was in the kitchen with Molly and Megan overheard her tell Molly about the conversation and completely changing her story, making the other girls look bad. Megan privately confronted Erica and Erica freaked out. Opinion Alert! I think Erica was embarrassed for being called out and turned it around on Megan. I wonder if she will look back after watching the episode and say, "Hmm, I guess I am two-faced."

Anyhow, after the rose ceremony, two were sent home without a rose - Sharon, who quit her teaching job to be on the show and Raquel, the Brazilian who got in Jason's limo at the end of the night. I told you, that creeped him out!

I'm not really sure if I have a favorite yet. There are so many of them at this point, that I can't keep them all straight. Maybe next week one or two will stand out. Do you have an opinion of who you like best?


  1. Very good review! I felt sorry for Meghan too, and I think Erica was freaky weird. I was waiting for at least one of the other ladies to say something, and no one did.
    I agree,the son shouldn't be in that environment.

    I can't wait for your next review!

  2. You seriously need to stop. ;)
    Great new look BTW!!

  3. I'm glad I am not alone in noticing Jason's fake, creepy smile. By the way, I love your Opinion Alert! And so far there isn't one girl that stands out, but I know there are a few girls I don't care for, like Erica.

  4. I feel like I'm watching this right along side of you.

  5. Im so with you on the awkwardness of the concert situation....AND, I dont even know who that singer is! MORE Awkward to pretend to like their music when you dont.

    I missed the end of the show, so didnt see who was voted off...I know you told us, but I dont know the girls by name yet.

    One thing that stuck out on the show, that one gal (not my favorite, but very polite) was encouraged to go and start a conversation with Jason. She got him a drink, and then went and waited while he was talking to another girl. Jason never made an effort to include her (which he should have....when you are talking to one person, and another person enters the area and stands there, you should acknowledge them and attempt to welcome them to the conversation, no?)...but Jason didnt...and the girl didnt want to be rude she eventually left.

    I really think Jason should have gone over to her as soon as he finished with the pool girl. I understand he might not have wanted to talk to her next, but I think, out of courtesy, he should have appreciated the fact that she was being polite by not butting in, and he should have gone over and talked to her.

    Do you agree??

  6. Pumpkin, you are SO adorable! I love your OPINION ALERT! :)

    I hate to say it, but I am looking forward to tonight. This will be the FIRST time I've watched the whole "cycle" of the Bachelor. Yes, I've been sucked, helplessly, into the vortex.

    I kind of like Melissa. I kind of like Stephanie. But really, it's still very early.

    I definitely don't like Erica or Megan.... both are way too calculating.

    And the way Jason has the "OMG-Are-You-A-Stalker-Too?" smile on his face is HILARIOUS!!!

    Last, I'm happy he sent his son home. This is definitely NOT a good environment for his little boy. Catty, manipulative women vying for Daddy is not a good thing for a little one to witness...

    Tonight will certainly be interesting. :)

  7. I seriously am going to watch this week because I totally want to form opinions etc : ).

    Not having ever watched the show, I was relieved to hear the child is gone. All those freaky ladies and a dad; that could harm a kid for life : ).

    I am going to try to do your interview tonight!

  8. Pumpkin, I'm watching The Bachelor right now.... Jason and Natalie are up in the helicopter. I'm HOPING he'll see what an immature spoiled BRAT she is and just push her out the window!! (Not really but still.... ok, well YES REALLY!) LOL!! :)

    She's a POP-TART! Why can't he see that?!!!!