Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • It's officiail...I'M SIIICCCKKKK!!!! (said in a whiny, stuffy-nose voice) Friday night after work and some last minute Christmas errands, I arrived home tired after a long, slow week. As the night went on, my throat got a little scratchy, but "No," I thought, I'm probably just tired, so I did some things around the house and went to bed at a reasonable time. Yesterday morning, I got up a bit stuffy, a bit achy, and still with a scratchy throat. I went grocery shopping and picked up some Airborne. That's the stuff that is supposed to stop a cold, but it's also the stuff that looks like throw-up in a glass, blech!! I don't think it works though...I took some NyQuil (my savior) last night and woke up this morning with a full blown head cold. I hate being sick.
  • There are two movies coming out in the next couple of weeks that I am looking forward to seeing. I leave for my mom's this weekend and I'm hoping I can pass the time there by going to the show. Some buttery popcorn might help too. The movies are "Frost/Nixon" and "Nothing Like the Holidays" (with Grace from Will and Grace). My mom wants to see "Marley and Me". I'm not sure if I want to or not...I hear it's a cute story, but the dog dies at the end and for someone who owns an aging pet, that's the last thing I want to see.
  • Am I the only one in the world who can't stand Jim Carrey? I'm sorry, let me clarify, I don't know Jim Carrey, so it's not him the person I can't stand (although maybe I wouldn't like him either), but rather the characters he portrays in the movies. I know his movies are not written for girls, but the movies and the characters he plays just annoy the heck out of me. I am in bed, feeling sorry for my sick self, and watching the chick flick "Someone Like You" with Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman (my new celebrity crush). The preview for "Yes Man" has played about 10 times and the movie following "Someone..." is "Liar, Liar". Ugh! I hate those movies - my opinion, not trying to offend anyone who is JC fan.
  • Did you hear? George Bush had shoes thrown at him in Iraq. Apparently, the throwing of one's shoe in Iraqi culture is a sign of contempt and this guy threw two. I'm surprised the man hasn't had a whole shoe store thrown at him.


  1. Didn't this guy start his first term by getting eggs and rocks thrown at him?

    I hope they weren't good shoes, becuase I doubt the guy will be getting those back.

    What does he just walk around barefoot for the rest of the day?

  2. I don't like Jim Carey's brand of acting/humor. It's to silly and obnoxious. I never liked the Three Stooges or Jerry Lewis either. I mean their type of comedy. I'm sure they are all nice people.
    Hurry and get better so you can enjoy your vacation.

  3. Bummer! Sorry you're not feeling well. I'll try to be extra nice to you this week.

  4. I cannot tolerated Jim Carrey.

    I swear by Zicam nasal swabs--I haven't had a true cold in almost 3 years--you have to use it at the first sign of a cold.

    Frost/Nixon is on my list and I have 2 MUST-SEEs for you--Slumdog Millionaire and Milk. I believe Slumdog may be the best movie I've ever sesen in my life.

  5. I hope you get better. It's no fun having a scratchy throat. And by the way, I am NO super woman. I was well on my way to recovery when my husband and I deep cleaned our bedroom. NOT the entire house!!! :)

    Feel better!!!

  6. I am not a huge Jim Carey fan. I am so sorry you are sick! I wouldn't want to see a movie about a pet dying either. I don't even have a dog yet and I know it would make me sad!