Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fall Break

Fall break from school has been this week. I didn't realize it would be, but it has been a much needed break. It has been relaxing and busy at the same time. That's my favorite way to spend a vacation - busy, but with the kinds of things I want to do, and the day doesn't start until I want to start it. I was summoned for Jury Service this week, but, HOORAY, after calling in each night, I never had to go to court. So instead, here are some leisurely things I have done...
I went to see the new James Bond film - Quantum of Solace. MmmMmm, that new James Bond is good looking.
This photo is actually from Casino Royale, but it's worth looking at again. Mr. Bond didn't wear a bathing suit in the new movie, but there was a shirtless scene. It was a fun, actiony movie. Plus, did I mention how hot Mr. Bond is?

My oldest friend Kristen and I took her three kids to the LA Zoo. They are one of my most favorite families so it's always fun to spend the day with them.

Here are some of my best photos of the day.

Here are the three kids - Matthew (the monster), Emily, and Nicholas. All three are such hams for the camera.

Emily spent more time playing on the mosaic animals than she did watching the real ones.

Don't tell anyone, but Nicholas is my favorite.
"Winter" during an 80 degree day.

We spent about 20 minutes in the orangutans' area. They were a lot of fun to watch. A baby (fur to the right) climbed all over the older one. The kids enjoyed watching both of them and the orangutans seemed to enjoy watching the kids as well.

I love animals, so the zoo, in one way, is fun to visit. The exotic animals are so beautiful. They are truly amazing creatures. On the other hand, I am troubled by the zoo. Some of the animals seemed lonely and depressed, and some seemed like they were going crazy being trapped in their small habitat. Others didn't seem to mind at all, and I enjoyed watching them, but it was very difficult to watch the animals who seemed to be having a hard time. The tiger, for example, paced and paced around it's area without stopping. I was exhausted just watching it. The elephant, one of my favorites, was all alone in a very small area. It either threw dirt on itself, which can be a sign of distress, or rocked back in forth for long periods of time.

My friend Tami asked me to make her some cards for her gift giving this year. After working for several hours each night, I am just about finished making the 78 cards. It has been fun being able to work late and not have to worry about getting up early the next morning to go to my real job. I will post some photos of the sets when they are completed.

I am two gifts away from having my Christmas shopping DONE! Woot! Woot! It is such a nice feeling. I still have to write my Christmas cards, but that will get done this weekend.

The best part of this week so far has been the sleeping in. I haven't gotten up before 9:00 am so far this week. I haven't set the alarm and that is a nice feeling. After Thanksgiving Thursday, I still have four more days off. I love vacation!


  1. Fall break?! Good for such thing up here...yesterday was our feast in my classroom with Pilgrims and Indians and parents :) I love the LA ZOO...I used to take the RTD there for 30 cents!

    Now I am enjoying the day roasting, cooking and baking! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm glad you're having a nice break. Those zoo pictures were fantastic!

    I've been having a good break, too, except yesterday, while at Linen n Things, I felt myself getting sick. Not just a cold, but either flu or strep. Every inch of my body aches, my head is pounding, my throat hurts, and it's hard to muster up energy to even type these words!

    I wish I was roasting, cooking, and baking like Ms. R.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I envy your fall break! I am dying for a break... um never mind I just took off 4.5 weeks last month... that was last month and does not exist... except on my blog, where it will exist for the next 3.54 years.

    Anyway, I so happy that you are having a nice relaxing time. I can feel from your post that it is also a bit inspirational for you.

    Some zoos bother me. The orangutans always look depressed... Giraffes are the only ones who seem content.

    Getting ready tomorrow to make your spoon bread recipe and your tortilla soup recipe! I can't wait.

    How was your Thanksgiving??

  4. I know. I have thoroughly enjoyed this week off too. Looking at your zoo's like you are back in Africa. Ha!
    I can't wait to see the cards you made for Tami. I didn't know we could ORDER from you!!
    Maybe next fall break!

  5. I know. I have thoroughly enjoyed this week off too. Looking at your zoo's like you are back in Africa. Ha!
    I can't wait to see the cards you made for Tami. I didn't know we could ORDER from you!!
    Maybe next fall break!

  6. Enjoy the rest of your Fall Break. I can't wait to see your card designs.

    I haven't been to the LA Zoo in eons. Is that the same as the Griffith Park Zoo?

    I love the San Diego Zoo, and the Elephants have quite a large area to roam, and all the apes and monkee types seem to also.

    I wish I only had two gifts left to buy....then most of mine have to be shipped. That's the part I hate.

  7. I am so glad you are having a nice relaxing break for a change! I can't get over how big Kristen's kids are. We may be headed to the Buffalo zoo today but I think it isn't even 40!
    Enjoy the rest of break!