Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's the End of the World As We Know It

It was another busy Saturday this past weekend. I had a lot of errands to run and some social plans, but there were parts of the day that were rather surreal.

First off, during the middle of the night a lightning and thunder storm rolled into town. Sure, we get rain in SoCal, sometimes, but thunder and lightning storms are not the norm. The claps of thunder shook my house and the lightning lit up my bedroom. The storm continued on and off all day.

I left my house for the day and drove to the bagel shop to pick up some bagels for a breakfast. When I walked in the shop it was dark. I thought to myself, "Well, good thing I called ahead to order them since the power is out." However, the cashier said, "Cash only." They couldn't run a credit card, and I didn't have any cash so I told her that I had called ahead with an order so she got her manager. She let me take the bagels, but said I had to promise to come back and pay for them. I gave her my information and left with the bagels. I stopped off at the breakfast for a few minutes, ran some errands and then met a friend for a movie and then lunch.

On my way to the bagel shop I noticed that the gas station across the street had gas for $2.67 so when I was on my home I went back the way I came so I could stop at the gas station. Now, the corner that the gas station is on has been a protest site in the last few weeks due to Prop. 8. For the last 2-3 weeks this very large intersection has had ...I am trying to come up with the right words to type here, but all I can seem to come up with is...IDIOTS parading on the four corners with their yellow, professionally made "Yes on Prop. 8" signs. The Prop. that, if it passes, will ban gay marriage. When I drive by this corner, it makes me cringe and my feathers get ruffled, and I roll down the window and yell things. (Even though Jason tells me I shouldn't.) It just makes me mad. Anyhow, I started to get riled up as I got closer and thought to myself, "It's ok, gas is $2.67, just go and get the gas and ignore the stupid idiots." I did my best to ignore them; I shook my head and rolled my eyes as I drove past, oh and snapped this picture.

If you are saying to yourself, "Hey, that's a child holding a sign!" You would be correct. Not only are these ignorant a-holes walking around with these horrific signs, they have their children doing it too. Signs that say things like "Protect Marriage", "Marriage Has One Meaning", etc. Now, I'm not eloquent enough to write about this, so all I will say is that this is soooo wrong. On top of it, these church going individuals are teaching their children to hate as well.

"OK, Kim! Just get yourself across the street to the gas station and get yourself away from this corner before you take out your imaginary machine gun and shoot them." Thank goodness I didn't have to stop at the light so I drove across the street and pulled into the gas station with the cheapest gas in town. It was a bit busy, but I only had to wait about 30 seconds before a car pulled out and I pulled in. "WooHoo!" We have been paying about $4.00 for gas for the last year or so so $2.67 seems cheap. I swiped my credit card, pushed the "regular" button, and put the nozzle in my gas tank. "Click!" I heard. I pulled it out and put it back in, "Click!" I heard again. I pressed the "regular" button again, squeezed the nozzle, "Click!" Sighing I looked around to the other side of the pump where a man was standing, not pumping gas also. "Are you having trouble with this pump too?" I asked. "Yes, are you too?" I nodded. Then a lady walked by and told us that she was told inside that they were out of that gas and only had the "premium" gas which was about $3.00. "Oh my frickin' god!" Here I was, having to be on the same corner as the biggots to get this cheap gas and THEY ARE OUT OF GAS! OUT OF GAS!

I canceled the transaction, climbed back in the car and drove around the parking lot back onto the road. Due to the traffic, I had to go out a different way than I came in which meant I had to drive back by the biggots. I pulled out and sat in the right turn lane for a few moments waiting for the light to change. As I waited, REM's "It's the End of the World As We Know It" came on the radio. This is what I saw as I listened and waited.
A thunder and lightning rainstorm, biggots bringing their kids right along with their stupidity, and the cheap gas that wasn't made me want to scream. Global warming, limiting civil rights, or oil production...someday one, two, or all three are going to be the end of the world as we know it and I don't feel fine. It makes me angry.

Now, on a lighter note. There were some good parts to the day.
I saw 'RocknRolla' today at the movies. It was GREAT! Very English and very funny. It is a Guy Ritchie (soon to be ex-Mr. Madonna) film and they are always so much fun. There was a lot going on, but it all pulled together at the end. Plus a lot of very cute boys with accents in it. What could be better. I loved it!

I do have to also add that there is a small group of "No on 8" supporters at a different intersection a few blocks away from the gas station incident. They are not quite as organized and in your face as the "Yes" supporters are, in fact they are a bit of a motley crew. Their signs are homemade rather than professionally made, but they are still effective. My favorite is, "No on Hate (8)."

I also got a new purse on Saturday. I love my Santee Alley fakes. They are so cute and fun, but a big pain in the butt. They are bottomless pitts and it often takes me minutes, not seconds, minutes to find important things like keys or my wallet.

The last few days, for some reason, have been particularly bad and I end up getting angry as I have to pull stuff out to find what I am looking for. I keep threatening to design a purse that actually holds everything it a place, but is still stylish. Someday, in my freetime I just might. So today, I went to Kohls, probably one of my least favorite stores, but it was next to Whole Foods where I was doing some shopping. They were having a sale so the store was a mess - the main reason I don't like going there, it's always a mess. I wandered around, looking at the purses. All the cute ones had just one big opening so everything can fall to the bottom. The ones that had more pockets were just not my style. But I finally found one.

It's kind of cute. It has some style, but even better it has 4 large dividers/pockets in addition to the cell phone pockets and 2 zipper pockets for small things. When I got home I spent some time organizing it. It holds a lot and I think I can actually find something inside it. We'll see.

To end this crazy, long post I also received my Lean Cuisine lunch tote in the mail this afternoon. Yay! Isn't it cute. I'm tempted to use this as my purse, but it also has just one big open space, which is fine for a sandwich, but not for car keys. If you haven't gotten yours yet, here's the info. Remember, it's only $10 and $5 of it goes to charity.


  1. That was quite a post. I have been boiling with anger at the haters with thier children too. Julie and i had a big discussion over this yesterday on her way to hold her handmade No on 8 posters that I made for her!! Yesterday ws surreal. On another note, was that a packet of mayo in the large purse? I sure hope not!

  2. Well, you girls should have been at the intersection of McBean and Valencia today. It was a no on 8 love fest!

    Did you buy me a purse like the black one? It would be just perfect for me.

  3. The worst thing about the "Yes on 8" fools is that so many of them (and their money) is coming from out of state! They are a well formed Mormon militia!

    That being said, my almost 12 year old took on a couple of his friends who were parroting the "Take back marriage" line. Jake asked them, "How is your parents marriage jeopardized?" and you know what they said, "The Gay Agenda! Everyone will be gay and it will be the end of the human race!"

    Jake, bless his heart, just laughed in their faces.

    Pisses me off... but, I don't think it will pass. Right? I mean, not here, we're California for God's sake... humans!!

  4. Hi...It may be me, but it is very difficult to read the light blue words against the white background. You may not be aware of this.

  5. Usually I hate long posts, but this one was SO good! I read every word and I couldn't wait to read each paragraph : ). I REALLY like your lean cuisine tote. It is SO cute! I also have a big purse with one big hole and it drives me CRAZY! But, I have had it so long, I think I would miss searching for EVERY. BLESSED. THING! if I got a new one : ).

    I am so sad that people are standing on the corner in protest of that bill. If they don't like it, WHO CARES! Why do they have to push their WARPED beliefs on everyone else. Those are the kind of christians I pray I NEVER become. God loves EVERYONE!

  6. It's ironic to me, that the people who want "tolerance" are the ones calling people idiots, morons, etc. And, Im confused, is it ok to hold signs if you agree with them, or do you think the "no on 8" people are fools for protesting too? And, what about when they bring kids, is it ok to bring kids if you are voting NO?

    I have never been hateful or mean spirited re: this issue, I love people regardless of their lifestyle. I cant say that same tolerance has been returned, apparently, to some, they only want to be friends with people who share the same view. But I believe the Bible has a voice on this....does believing in my religion make me worth being called names? Just wondering.