Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just One Word

Grandma J over at Ask Grandma J posted this meme and I "borrowed" it for my own post. You all know how much I LOVE quizzes. Plus, there's not too much thinking, since the answers are only one word. Wait, I don't respond to anything in only one word, that might be difficult. I'll try...
Where is your cell phone - charging
Your hair color - blond
Your mother - Hawaii
Favorite thing - bed
Your dream last night - none
Your dream goal - debt-free
The room you're in - bedroom
Your hobby - art
Your fear - SNAKES
Where do you want to be in 6 years - somewhere
Where were you last night - Getty
What you're not - patient
One of your wish list items - supplies
Where you grew up - SoCal
The last thing you did - drew
What are you wearing - t-shirt
Your TV- old
Your pet- Koho
Your computer -Dell
Your mood - tired
Missing someone - Dad
Your car - Escape
Something you're not wearing - pants
Favorite shop - DSW
Your summer - hot
Love someone - yes
Favorite color - red
When you last laughed - now
When you last cried - always
I did it! It was hard not trying to explain my answers, but I was able to do it. You are next!


  1. Good job! I hope you love your Escape as much as I love mine. I'm getting ready to buy a new one soon.

  2. I thought this was such a cute meme too. I love that Grandma J : ). Your answers were interesting and thought provoking. I am not patient either. Now, HURRY UP and write back to me. Love, your super impatient blogging friend, Becky : )
    Oh, I went to Getty to fill up my gas tank this morning. $1.84 a gallon. How nice is that?

  3. I think I'll just do this one too!

    I already knew all of this stuff about you. Is there anything about you that I DON'T know? :)

    I don't think Becky was at the same Getty you went to last night, somehow. Unless they sell gas there now, too?

  4. knew I wasn't wearing pants? You are good!

    Becky...$1.84 a gallon, I wish! We're still over $2.00, but certainly better than $4.00.

    GJ...I wouldn't say I love my Escape. It gets me around, but it's the noisiest car I have ever owned. There has never been anything wrong with it, of course it was still under warranty, but the noises have never gone away.

  5. I'm so going to have to copy since I haven't blogged in a week! Totally laughed at not wearing any pants. I also want to know who you love!!!! Is it someone that you love, like me, or someone that you LOVE?!?!
    Just asking...

  6. You are so much better than I. I totally failed on the one word thing.

    Gas is $1.67 a gallon here!