Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Junk Drawer

I’ve been meaning to do the junk drawer post for quite some time, but am just now getting to it. What really lit a fire under me was while I had people over for dinner one evening. A friend was helping me with dinner because I had had a few too many cocktails beforehand and I pulled out an oven glove from the drawer by the oven (aka the junk drawer) for him to use. When he reached his hand inside the glove it wouldn't go on correctly. Instead, he pulled his hand out of the glove holding onto my extra car key; the car key which was also kept in the junk drawer.

blog 004

Since I am on summer vacation I thought this was a good time to clean the junk drawer…
blog 002 The culprit is the top drawer.

blog 003 Here it is open, well kind of since this is as far as it would open before getting stuck on all the junk.

blog 006 This is everything that had been put inside that little, tiny drawer.

Some interesting highlights…
blog 007 These are pictures of my “nieces and nephews”. Emily, in the top picture, is going into 1st grade this year. I get pictures of the kids which are great, but I don’t ever really know what to do with them afterwards, so they end up in the junk drawer. These have been in the junk drawer for about 4 years.
blog 008 Here are some coupons and receipts. The most recent coupon had an expiration date of August 26, 2006!

blog 009 The 3 items here are so outdated it’s not even funny – a calculator that no longer works, a transmitter for my first ipod, and a cassette tape. Yes, a cassette tape! Can you even remember the last time you used a cassette tape? I can’t, but I had one in my junk drawer just…in case.

blog 010These are old calendars (go back as far as 2005) and check registers. Since I do all my banking online, and have for some time, I don’t even use check registers anymore. And why oh why would I need calendars from 2-3 years ago?

blog 011 Keys! There are maybe 3 in this pile that I know what they are used for. The others? I have no idea, but they might be needed someday.

blog 013I use a lot of chapstick and whenever I’m at Target I pick up a pack, just in case. Usually it’s because I don’t remember seeing any left over in the junk drawer. It was probably hidden under the old coupons and keys, but I’ve got enough to last me for a little while anyways.

After throwing out all of the things that were either expired or haven’t been used in over a year and finding better places for some other things, I have a very clean junk drawer now. It even opens all the way!

blog 016
What kind of junk are you holding on to?


  1. Ahhh, it looks beautiful. I wonder how long it will stay that way. You had some old stuff in there!

    It feels good to get rid of junk!

  2. Wow. What a difference. I really should do mine...

  3. Hahahaha....reminds me of The Jason Show junk drawer episode....I have a mass of crap in my junk drawer...but I do have my keys labeled! Learned that from Dear Abby years ago...problem is I don't own half the stuff the keys go to anymore :)

  4. You do not even want to know! I don't even want to know!

    I have a junk bureau, a junk telephone stand, a junk cupboard, a junk closet and a junk bedside table.

  5. Too much stuff. I get so overwhelmed with all of the pieces...that don't seem to go to anything. Way to go! Organizing over the summer makes me so happy!

  6. I am scared to look in mine. Fortunately, it is crammed so full of junk that it will not open. Unfortunately, the screwdrivers, and anything else I'd use to pry it open... are in the junk drawer. Great post... loved it!