Thursday, July 8, 2010

Picture, Picture On the Wall Who Is the Fairest of them All?

I love to travel.  I have been to some amazing places and will, hopefully, continue to do so.  When I travel, I take a gazillion pictures and use them to make photo books.  After that, the pictures are just saved on my computer or on discs, and I never really look at them again.

A couple of years ago, my mom gave me giclée print for Christmas.  She told me to pick my favorite travel picture at the time and she would have it printed on wrapped canvas.  I chose a picture of Venice.  It turned out beautiful.  Since I save my pictures in various places, I can’t find the one that I enlarged, but you can see it here on my dining room wall. 

Since then, I have made an “enlargements” file on my computer where I have put my favorite pictures from my travels.  My hope is to enlarge one or two more and put them on this wall of this staircase. 

The only problem is that, at press time, there are 84 pictures in that file.  Hence, the wall stays empty. 

I have big aspirations to choose two photos for this wall and the use the rest as smaller prints in collage frames around the rest of the house.  I’m dragging my feet though because I worry the next time I go abroad, I’ll take a picture I like even better and that will displace the whole arrangement.

Here are some of my favorites…what do you think?


Cape Town



Vagliagli (Tuscany)


Vernazza (Cinque Terre)

Victoria Falls (Zambia)

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

Speyer (Germany)

Do you use your travel photos to decorate?  How do you take into account new photos that you might take?



  1. These are absolutely, totally, beyond beautiful!!!!

  2. Well, since you're asking. I would use the pictures of Venice and Vernazza(similar style) since they have splashes of red in them which I think would play off of your brownish and yellow walls nicely. And now you're saying "But Mark, the picture of the flowers from Amsterdam has red in it". True, but at first I thought that they were peppers and the other two make a nice pair. Regardless, those pictures are beautiful and will look amazing when you enlarge them. Good work.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. You have the most amazing pictures!

  4. This is tough! I love them all! You could go ahead and just do all Italy pictures in your dining room/entry/staircase, and then sprinkle the other ones throughout the rest of the house. Mark is right about how they are have a similar style.

    You've got some serious talent! (But I already knew that).

  5. well no wonder you have a problem picking a picture for the empty wall...they are ALL gorgeous!! How do you choose? wow, it sucks to be you! :P Seriously, those are some amazing pictures! Beyond words.

  6. Oh my gosh Pumpkin. How in the world is it even possible to decide! Holy cow!

    Listen, if expense is one issue you are having I have a GREAT idea that is fairly inexpensive : ). I can't type it out here because if any photographer sees it they would come over and beat me up. Although, of course they wouldn't know where I live : ) I will email it to you!

    I LOVE the Paris picture and the Amsterdam picture the very best. I am also in love with the rainbow. OH MY HEAVENS. They are all so good.

    The other thing I want to tell you is that if you can take gorgeous pictures like that when you travel then you can take gorgeous pictures WHERE YOU LIVE! Beauty is all around us. Often in the most unlikely places.


  7. Found my way here from Mama Kat's. I like the sunset. It's hard to choose. I know my husband would like Florence. Good Luck.

  8. Awesome pictures!! I personally like Venice, Paris or no particular order. I love ALL of them though and can see why it is difficult to choose!!

  9. Ohhh they are amazing! I like them ALL! I'd have a hard time picking as well!

  10. OMG I see your problem; these are all amazing. Maybe you need to start a rotation.....
    I would put any of these on my walls!

  11. Do them all. They are all amazing. You really have a gift. When you get tired of them, change them up or just fill the entire space. How could you not with pictures like those?

  12. They are all beautiful. Just pick two. You can't go wrong.

  13. The Amsterdam photo is a killer pic!

    I used to use photos of travel in the home decor, to be honest, I took a photo from beneath the Eiffel Tower and put it in a frame.

    That probably doesn't count.

    Now that photos aren't developed, I find that they just get shoved on Facebook and left for the interweb fairies.

    Shame really.