Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Name Game (Help Wanted)

Earlier this month I posted about my decision to get a new dog. Over the last week however, I’ve also adopted a second dog. (Ahhhh!)

This is “Gretel”…


(the baby)

This is “Ringo”
(the ladies’ man)

Gretel and Ringo were given their names by their rescuers. I think the names are kind of cute, but I don’t really have a connection with them. The dogs arrive next week so I have started stressing out thinking about names.

There are some unique people names that I like…
Girls – Tallulah, Jemma, Imogene, Flannery, D'Arby
Boys – Declan, Phineas, Flynn, Fergus, Finnegan

I’m adopting these dogs together, so it might be fun to have some cute “pair” names – girl/boy
Siena/Lucca (favorite cities in Italy)
Limerick/Dublin (Irish cities)
Harper/Atticus (To Kill a Mocking Bird author/character)
London/Strummer (The Clash)

I also really like the name Enzo for the boy, but having trouble coming up with a partner name for the girl...maybe Lola or Gemma?

Ugh! It’s so hard. I don’t know how new parents do it with their human babies. I need some help people! Which do you like best? Or any new ideas?


  1. Two dogs!! Fun!

    I am kind of liking the "pair" names. I just Googled "Enzo and" and the first couple results were "Enzo and Angela" and "Enzo and Lucia" I don't know if that helps at all. :-)

    Of the pair names, I like Siena/Lucca and London/Stummer the best...Good Luck picking, I know that it is hard!!

  2. Oh! So excited for your new babies to arrive! I thought Harper and Atticus was perfect. All of your choices are so good though. Wow. I am super excited for you : )

  3. My favorite is still Bailey and Guiness. I love that pair.

    Either that or you could go with some famous celebrity couples, like Brad and Angelina or Bill and Hilary. :)

    Or, if you'd like a more personal connection, you could go with scandalous couples that you've known personally, like maybe Larry and Angelica, or Joseph and Mary.

    Maybe you should just stick with Guiness and Bailey.

  4. No way, Enzo! From the novel? Garth Stein, the author, is my friend and neighbor!

    Children are the best at naming dogs. Too bad you're on summer break or you could ask your kids.

    Having had many dogs over the years (I currently have two females -- bad idea!) I've learned to only name a dog something you won't be humiliated to shout aloud in public. In other words, no "Poopies" or "Snookums" or "Cuddles." There's an added insult to the injury involved in having to walk around the neighborhood shouting something embarrassing when the puppy inevitably escapes.

    That said, my current favorite dog name is "Mr. Handsome." The guy who owns this dog is gay and at least once a week he winds up walking up and down the street shouting "Mr. Handsome! Come! Mr. Handsome!" I know handsome isn't on your list of requirements, but it can't hurt!

  5. My, isn't Ringo handsome????

    Bailey and Guinness are nice - she's creamy colored and he's stout-colored!

  6. I like Flannery and Finnegan. What about Scout (in your To Kill a Mockingbird theme)? Scout and Boo?

  7. I vote for Jen and Jason.

  8. What adorable faces!
    They're all cute names. I love Gemma.

  9. It's been so long since I've read your blog! I'm so happy you got some new canine companions! They are beautiful!

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