Sunday, September 30, 2012

Note to Self

I ran a bunch of errands after work last night to get them out of the way.  The plan was to have a chore/errand free Saturday so I could sleep off the last couple of weeks…all. day. long. 

I had to adjust a bit after feeding the dog.  I was out of dog food and forgot to take care of it yesterday. 

Going to the pet store on an adoption Saturday is a VERY bad idea.  Now, I’m not only tired, but sad too.  I’d take them all home if I could.


  1. I asked the vet the other week if it was a good idea to introduce a new rescue dog into the house. She reckoned it wasn't the best of notions for you never knew if the rescue kennel had inoculated their charges. I could well be bringing illness in to a healthy dog.
    My problem, and I know it a selfish one, is I will be bereft when Jess dies and if there isn't another in the house I'll be slow to get another.
    What I will say though, some of these rescue places are deluded in their expectations.

    On the tiredness. Rather than wallow in the bed. You're far better doing something totally new. Even if it means just going for a long drive into the hills/countryside. You've a big desert near you haven't you. Or, go for a ride. In the American meaning of that term. On horseback. Your body will screech in protest but your mind will zing, your lungs will fill and your metabolism will up a gear or two.
    To be frank, all day bed will exhaust you far more and you've a good chance of a raging hypoglycemic headache. And to be even more frank, unless you are up to activity designed to burn energy it's very unlikely your mind will stop spinning long enough to get more than a half closed lid.

    1. You are absolutely right on the problems with sleeping the day away. The 3-digit temps however make being outside doing anything unpleasant and, depending on the air quality, harmful. I took the dog out for a walk yesterday morning about 9 am and it was already 101 outside. Needless to say our walk was cut short. With that being said, I didn't actually sleep the day away, just laid low - it was nice not having to do any school work this weekend.

      I'd not have even thought about the vaccinations issue on bringing a new one home from a rescue. They are supposed to be up on all their required shots, but you never know. The barrier I can't get past is doubling the work with having another dog - more mess, more hair, more burying bones in the backyard, etc. I've selfishly wanted another one because I feel bad being gone all day and would like Rigby to have a buddy. But really, I think she is very happy being an only dog and may not look so kindly at another one usurping her territory.
      Losing an only dog is awful - I was an utter mess a few years ago with the loss of the one I had for 15 years. At first I didn't think I wanted another dog, but then the house just didn't seem right without one so I caved. I'm glad I did, but thinking about having to go through that again in another (hopefully) 15 years...ugh

  2. That always breaks my heart too...we are fostering a Golden right now...the best dog I can't wait to get another dog to get certified to take to the children's hospital...but we have to get the yard fixed...adn teh house...etc...but a house without a dog or two is not a home :)

    Happy Sunday! (I am off to work to get stuff done there...ahk!)

    1. Their stories are always heartbreaking. How fun to have one at home right now. I really like the idea of fostering, but I think if I did that I'd end up wanting to keep anyone I fostered. You are right about a house without a dog...The couple of months I didn't have one at home, things seemed wrong. I didn't even want to be home because I couldn't settle. They keep you grounded I think.

      I'm sorry you have to go work at school. I think I would have thrown a 3-year-old tantrum if I had to go into work this weekend. Even thinking about you going feels with me dread. Have a great week.