Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Big Comfy Chair

When first stepping into my new classroom at the end of June, there was a desk chair amidst the furniture included in the room.   
stuff 078 copySee it?

After getting mostly moved in in July, the chair had been taken.  I’m not really sure why, but it was no longer in my room.  A couple of weeks before school started, my principal told me that a chair would be ordered for me.  I hadn’t worried too much about it, but I was glad I’d be getting one.  Here’s our conversation…
Principal – We need to order you a new desk chair.
Me – Oh, ok.
Principal – Tell Rosana what you want, and she’ll get it for you.
Me – Oh I don’t care, whatever is fine.
Principal – No no, your room has a color scheme so pick out the color you want.
Me – Well, lime, light blue, or brown works.  (smirking)
Rosana – We can probably find you a brown chair the easiest.  Come by and pick one out.
Me – I don’t need to pick it out, just get whatever you’ve been ordering.  That’s fine with me.

Just before school started, the chair arrived and the office asked me to come by and get it.  I was shocked to find that it was a giant, executive-type chair, and to be honest a little embarrassed wheeling it down the hallway to my classroom.  Who am I to get a chair like this – the principal and asst. principal have a chair like this.
stuff 173 This chair is enormous and barely fits behind my desk.  I can make it work if it’s pushed in under the desk.  But because it’s so tall, when I pull the chair out it gets stuck and opens up all the drawers.  I’ve resorted to keeping it out, so now it’s just in the away.  Yesterday, I acquired a large bruise on my outer thigh trying to climb over it to get to the book shelf behind it.  I’m ashamed to admit that I kicked its wheels in frustration.

In its defense, the chair is so very comfortable. I don’t sit down much during the school day, but it is a welcome sight when I return to my room after dismissal.  Certain people come into my room just to sit in this chair under the guise of “Do you mind if I check something on your computer?”.  It’s a nice chair.  Very big, but very nice.


  1. Nice chair. Very nice chair in fact.
    There's normally a 2nd adjustment on the central barrel holding up the seat for the solving of just your problem. The usual way to lower is to spin the thing anti=clockwise. And then raise, clock-wise. I think it's designed to prevent tall people from vanishing below the desk if they pull the lever on the air valve by keeping that adjustment within a range.
    So there is a possibility the chair was shipped with a 6'6" gal in mind. It would still fit under a normal desk but just barely.
    Oh, never complain about a good desk chair. It will be the saving of your back.

    1. I'll check for that 2nd adjustment when I get in this morning. The lever has brought it down as far as it will. If I can get it low enough to push in, I'll stop complaining.:) It really is comfortable...just in the way right now.

    2. I've my one as low as it can go and it's at 18". The seat, that is.
      The desk is just under 30", but I've one of those drawer things for the key board. This drops the useful distance. However since the arms on that type of jobby are such it hardly matters as the only bit that'll go under is the tongue of the seat that extends past the arms.
      Basically it's moot since the arms block pushing the thing right under the desk.

      Mind melting on covariance/variance; sigmas/rho and baby beta's.

    3. I didn't get a chance to check it out today - wearing a dress/had to leave early to do a training. Will try tomorrow, but yah the arms are pulling the drawers. I'll still try though.

      Sheesh, it's like another language isn't it!?!? Almost done?

  2. Fancy! I love that you are finally being spoiled!

  3. I'd just plop down and refuse to move! :)

    1. That sounds like a great idea. I might try it tomorrow. Maybe no one will notice...

  4. You deserve a nice chair, but you don't deserve to get banged up by it.

  5. Ha! I have the same cahir...but it's at home. Once Office Depot came by with like 8 chairs brand new in boxes and dropped them off for us....for free! No one claimed this one- mainly because it didn't have built in it was all mine to take home. And it is comfy!

    How nice to have a principal who even cares that you have a desk chair! Perhaps you need a new desk to take care of your chair problem?

    TGIF tomorrow :)

    1. Wait??? A chair with speakers? I don't know about that.
      It's nice working for a principal who isn't crazy. :)

  6. From now on whenever I see you sitting in this chair, I shall call you Principal Pumpkin.