Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Mop Comes to Visit

Murphy is staying with us this week.  He is some type of Lhasa/Shih Tzu mix, otherwise known as a mop.  Murphy is a rescue that Kristen and her family adopted about 6 months ago.  His family went out of town so he gets to stay here.  Rigby stays with them when I travel, so they have already met a few times.  It’s been a fun visit so far but having two dogs is hard!

When he first arrived, Murphy was a little unsure.  He’s never been here before so he stayed inside his house for a little while, warming up to everything.

stuff 644

I had kept Rigby outside while he settled, but she whined and cried at the door, begging to come in.  She was so excited, she almost crawled into the crate with him.

stuff 657
She REALLY wanted him to come out and play.
 stuff 656 
After a few minutes, she got tired of waiting, so took a break in HIS tiny bed.  

stuff 658 
Finally he came out of his house after much coaxing and a few false starts when Rigby pounced on him and he scurried back in.
stuff 659

We went out for some exploring.

stuff 646

stuff 647  stuff 660
stuff 661 
Whenever I separate them whether it be for feeding, sending one or the other outside, or bedtime, when Rigby sees him, it’s like she forgot he was here and is seeing him for the very first time, ever.  She’s so big and bouncy – like Tigger -and he’s little and timid.  He wants to play, but she scares him just a little.
stuff 651 stuff 649 stuff 650When he’s had enough, he takes refuge where he can – under the chairs, in his house, or under the bed.  Rigby waits as close as she possibly can, willing him to come out and playl
stuff 654 stuff 653 stuff 652Neither Rigby nor Murphy are piggy eaters with their food.  They’re both more like grazers unless of course the other one’s food is down.  I separate them to eat and they barely eat a thing while separated.  But as soon as I put them back together they REALLY each other’s food.

Making either one of them mind is a challenge.  Rigby minds commands very well, but with the little one around, she’s having some trouble. I tell her to sit/stay in order to call Murphy to me.  But when I call him, Rigby comes which defeats the purpose because she bounds over, scares him, and he hides.  Getting them in and out of the backyard and their wet feet cleaned feels a little bit like an “I Love Lucy” episode…Crazy!

We went for a walk tonight.  Rigby and I walk all the time, and she’s well trained on the leash.  Murphy is still learning so the walk was very chaotic.  He ran this way and that way, crossing leashes and tripping up both Rigby and me.  His little legs ran and ran, but after a mile he was beat.  He finally just stopped, flopped down on his belly, and wouldn’t move.  I had to carry him back and drop him off before continuing the rest of the walk. 

I’ve been debating the pros and cons of getting another dog.  I’d love to have a playmate for Rigby because she has so much energy.  But having a second dog is double the work.  We’ll enjoy our visit with Murphy this week, but I’ll have to continue the debate for now.


  1. Rigby is like a big kid. Too cute!

  2. It is truly amazing just how alike are my Jess and your Rigby. But for colouring and the pricked ears they could be sisters.
    Those delicate little feet that you'd think would snap at the slightest thing and are so quick and nimble.
    I'll bet watching the two of them interact is better than TV.
    I wonder all the same if Rigby would be as cool about Murphy if he was installed permanently. Jess plays really well with other dogs and only gets stroppy if the other one get so first. But when I brought in Bella last year she didn't like it one little bit.

    What's the tree with the rings.

    1. You aren't kidding about those paws. She uses them like hands, wild hands!
      And about Rigby being ok with canine visitors...you've hit the nail on the head. She is great around other dogs when I'm not around, but she's terribly protective of me and the house. She tends to not play as well with others at home or when she's on walks with me. Because she wants to be the alpha here, I won't leave them alone in case she wants to put him in his place. He's too little.
      I don't think she'd be as happy as she is when she meets up and gets to play with other dogs if a dog actually moved in with her. Her breed is notorious for that too. Which is good, because two is A LOT of work.

    2. As for the tree - it's some kind of palm tree. There are a couple back there.

    3. Ta, looks a bit like a Queen Palm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_palm

    4. Yes, I think that's it. One of my trees gets that "fruit" in the first picture.
      Sadly, there are only a couple plants in my yard that I know the name of. They were all there when I moved in, and the strongest have survived my lack of knowledge.

  3. They're totally the odd couple. My sister's dog is a lot like Murphy while my mom got a puppy from the shelter that acts like Rigby!

    1. They are an odd couple. I've not ever had a male dog before so the marking of the territory is something new. I think he's trying to assert himself. :)

  4. Funny dogs! Rigby is like an only child wanting a sister or brother. The dog we are watching is so jealous when we babysit another dog...she has to be right next to me and if hte other dog comes around she will even growl! And she is the sweetest dog otherwise :)

    Enjoy your time with the two of them :)

    1. As a kid (and even more so as an adult) I wanted a sibling too. In some ways, being the only child is good and in other ways it is not. I think that rings true in Rigby's case as well. :)
      She's been extra clingy this week and if Murph wants to be near me then she bulls right past him to get there first. She, luckily hasn't done any growling, but he has...at his reflection in the glass door! They are a riot together.

  5. We take care of my sister in law's tiny dog sometimes an Gwennie is very motherly probably due to her herding tendencies and Totem can't be bothered unless Yasha tries to sit on my lap, then the growling under his breath starts and he pushes her out of the way.

    1. Oh yes! The herding instinct kicked right in with our visitor. When I call him and he doesn't come, she goes to get him. It really is funny. I just wish she weren't so full of bounding energy. I'm a nervous wreck that she's going to hurt him in all the fun she's having.

  6. Seems the mine in town is working a good seam this year. You think Day-Louis will get best actor.
    I might actually go this year rather than await the film on the TV. Are you going to do a general review this year.
    What the hell was the one last year that vanished without a trace. Carter something or other.

    1. I have seen some good films this vacation and will see a couple more this weekend, I think, before going back to work Monday. :( I may write something after that.
      The nominations are always a mixed bag. Three of the films for best picture weren't ever released nationwide at the big theaters. You had to go independent to see them. They may come out again now that they've been nominated. Zero Dark Thirty had a limited release a week or so ago and doesn't go nationwide until Friday. There isn't one film on the list that came out during the first half of 2012. It all just seems very contrived to me.

      I have not seen Lincoln. I've been on the fence. All the reviews I've heard have been along the lines of "The first part is really boring, but it's good." So I don't know. I bet he does get it though and I'm sure it'll get best picture. It blew away the nominations.

      Ya, that was J. Edgar I think. Leo is a great actor who has been in some great films, but the Academy seems to ignore him.

    2. To be honest, worthy, is the word I think about the film Lincoln. Something that'll be on the syllabus for all 14yo kids and boring the pants off them.

    3. Ha ha! Probably.
      Being a history person I'd be curious about your take on the events. I've read some criticisms of how the film distorts some of the facts, trying to keep the "Honest Abe" shtick we were taught in school.