Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Los Angeles is suffering from cold weather.  It’s been rough…

In all seriousness, it has been colder than our normal winter temps, which, by the way, YAY!  Boots, sweaters, jeans…I love it!  Last Friday and yesterday we didn’t get any warmer than 47 degrees, and over the last two days at school I haven’t taken my jacket off once.  My house heater has been running non-stop for over a week, and it’s only set for the low 60s. 

The last two mornings, we’ve actually had ice on the walkways around campus.  Two areas are especially bad and have to be taped off since using sand or salt is unheard of here.  stuff 238Yesterday, before it was blocked, my principal slipped and fell on it, and I skated across a patch of ice but luckily stayed standing.  This morning while walking across the grass to my room the frozen grass crunched under my feet, and a member of our support staff slipped and fell hard on the ice.  She had to be taken to the hospital. 

But don’t worry, we’ll survive until Friday, when it’s supposed to be back up in the 70s.


How’s your weather been?


  1. While 10'c or 50'f isn't warm, neither is it that cold. But it must have gotten substantially colder than that to get the grass to crunch and ice to form. It must have gone below 0'c for most of the night.
    70'f would be a good summers day here. Not a brilliant one, but still a good one.
    The reaction is quite funny though and you cannot help but think 'pussies'. But when all your clothing is actively designed to allow as much circulation of air as conceivable while keeping a modicum of modesty, heading out in the usual garb would be akin to walking about in the buff.
    What is amazing is how cold it got next to the coast.
    It's the homeless that will get hit with these conditions.

    1. Ya, our night time/early am temps have been in the high 20s or low 30s, which is pretty typical for where I am. However the cold day time temps are somewhat less typical. I lived in New England for 8 years and, really, this is nothing. "We" are wimps for sure. It's like any othe weather here - rain, snow, ice - no one knows how to handle it. :)

    2. Really !. I thought you had very pleasant winters.

    3. Oh ya, it's pretty pleasant for the most part. Our nights are just much cooler due to being further from the coast and at higher elevation. The coast stays pretty mild all year where we get the extreme heat in the summers and cooler winters, but it's not THAT bad. Today it was a bit warmer, still though cold in the shade, but warm in the sun.
      The forecast is already showing mid 60s and sunny for the next week, but much colder lows 30s/40s.

    4. I've been an idiot. It never dawned on me you had 10,000ft mountains within 40 miles of L.A's city hall. And most are within a few miles of some serious hiking.
      I went what's she on about higher. Shur isn't LA flat. As I said an idiot me.

    5. Ha ha.
      Oh, ya! Tons of good hiking, within 15-20 miles actually.
      You've probably already seen this online, but it's a good graphic for the amount of mountain we do have and why our temps, just minutes from the beach, are so different.

  2. lol.. taping off the area because of ice is hilarious..
    we are having cold days.. yesterday we had a little snow, sleet and rain the only thing missing was wind chill.. today at least the sun is out.

    1. It was funny. My students thought there was a robbery or murder or something because that's the only time they see caution tape. :)
      They're now predicting 80s for this weekend. CRAZY weather (or maybe crazy forecasters).

  3. We were lucky the weather was beautiful the week after New Years and we enjoyed our visit. We just got home yesterday, Mr BC got sick in Texas and we stayed for 4 days. He and I are better and I am catching up.