Saturday, August 2, 2008

  • After visiting Live. Love. Eat. I surfed right over to and created myself a playlist of some of my favorites. Turn off your mute buttom when you visit and you'll be serenaded. If you scroll to the bottom you can see what is playing on my fancy, new RED playlist.

  • I am really annoyed. Prices all around have really been skyrocketing! I've recently been noticing it when I grocery shop. I love cheese. Really love it. If it was healthy, I would really just live off of 3 foods - cheese, bread, and coke. I could live happily if that's all I got. Anyways, so about once a month, I buy 2 packs of Sargento or Kraft sharp cheddar cheese, pre-shredded. Usually my store has a special on one or the other, 2 packs for $5.00. Well, let me just tell you, neither of those brands have been on sale in weeks and in fact, both of them are about $5.00 per pack. That's right people, 1 pack for $5.00. So I have been forced to buy the $3.00 a pack generic brand of cheese. I'm not usually a name brand snob, but this cheese sucks. It doesn't melt. I made pizza last night and the mozzerella just turned into a mushy messy blob. It was gross. And "they" keep telling us that there isn't a crisis in our economy. I think this demonstrates quite the opposite.

  • Have I mentioned the humidity. I know, I know, I shouldn't be complaining. It is worse on the East Coast or in the South. I spent 8 years in New England, and it is sweltering there. But come on. I live in Southern California, technically in the desert. It's not supposed to be humid. Every morning for the last few weeks have been hazy and damp. It's like I'm living at the beach without getting to live at the beach. Ick! I hate it.

  • I cleaned my house (kind of) all by myself today and it was fun and easy. I don't need Manuela. Psych! Just kidding. I want her to come back NOW! It was awful people. I dusted and washed the linens and remade my bed and all the stuff, well some of the stuff, that Manuela does. The one thing that I don't mind doing is vacuuming. However, today I ran over something with the vacuum and it started smoking and smelled awful. See, I am no good at this cleaning thing. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that she comes back sooner than later.

  • Yesterday, JLo and I were in the car together and as we stopped at a light JLo said, "Why are those guys there looking at porn when they're driving?" "What?" I asked, "Who?" She pointed to these guys in a white truck two lanes over. We laughed and she turned to look at them. As she made "shame" fingers she said, "Naughty, naughty." The driver laughed and punched his friend and they both laughed. As we drove away I asked her how in the heck did she know they were looking at porn. "I don't know, I just saw a naked women in the magazine they were looking at." "That's so funny," I said, "I just might have to blog about it." So I did.


  1. I love that Lily Allen song! Never heard it before...

  2. We are funny!!

    Looks like it's time to join the grocery game Kim...either that or have Jason buy your cheese for you with his coupons!! Too bad you work at the same school or he could district mail it to you.

  3. I CAN"T believe you know about the Indian guy in the mountain. Because for a sec, I thought I could me mistaken about that as well...... ha ha.

  4. Great random thoughts! You really had me going when you said cleaning your house all by yourself was "fun and easy."

    And the guys looking at porn at a red light? Funny stuff. You two have all the fun when I'm not around.

  5. Hey! Where did Cruel Summer go? I have been trying to comment on it for a couple hours now, but Blogger won't let me!

  6. I agree about the cheese. It is one thing I can not buy generic it must be the good stuff.

    As a thanks for dropping by my place gift I've tagged you for a meme thingamabob. Come on over and check it out when you get a chance.