Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Writer's Block?

Ugh! The pressure of this blogging thing. I enjoy blogging, but recently, probably since I started back to work after summer break, I have been feeling pressure to post something. Thank god for the Tasty Tuesday posts, or I would have nothing new. Recently my creativity has not been flowing in all aspects of my life, writing, drawing, painting, cards, work and therefore ideas for posts are just not coming to me. It's stressful because it's taken me a long time to build up my readership of 6 and I don't want to lose my faithful readers. Please bear with me while I come up with something to write about....

Any ideas? help....


  1. I'm having some writing blocks too. I think we should see just how a like we are. We could have people give us random topics or questions and have them publish at the same time and see how we both respond. Could be fun!

  2. I'm telling you this "No One Cares What You Had for Lunch" book is pretty good. It's basically just a list of 100 blog ideas with some examples. Not heavy reading by any stretch. Good for browsing when you have just a couple minutes.

  3. What do you mean? You just posted...duh!

    When I'm at a loss, I look for something in the news that catches my eye, or I whip some old pictures and remember a story.
    1. your cat or dog
    2. your car
    3. your crock pot
    4. your garden hose
    5. the dream you had last night
    6. Jason

    That should hold you. :)

  4. Ha ha. Grandma J was funny. Don't worry, no one is going anywhere just because you're not coming up with something. I come see you everyday whereas there is this really funny lady (not that you're not) who always tells a story and she has like over 200 commenters (not Dooce, I don't do Dooce) and I don't visit her everyday. People like that seem to be on stage now so it's just not my cup o' tea although I check it out once in a blue moon. Your blog is your own to write when you feel like writing. I am thankful though I do have my recipes and in between there are things we do I post about, otherwise, I am not a funny type of writer who can turn the mundane into something you would want to read!

  5. P.S. Also, you can participate in Wordful Wednesdays I did yesterday. That would take another day off your hands to think of something :)

  6. Im with you on the writers block.....I would think you have a plethora of topics with the kidlets that you teach....maybe you can do a "kids fashion trends" feature....what lunch box is most popular, etc. etc.

  7. I'm all blocked up too. Must be the stress of work.

  8. ha...I liked the readership of 6 comment....I had to laugh! Let's hear about school...I have an endless list of K topics...I am sure you have some pretty interesting stuff happen each day!

  9. Good suggestions! You have such smart readers.

    You've toldme some great stories. How about some of those family stories, your funny grandma, and stories about your parents' wild times. Sleeping in the booth at Chi Chi's after square dancing. . . your college experiences. . .the time you almost got hit by an aircraft carrier in West Hollywood. . . bird stories. . .the time the buffalo wing got stuck in your cheek. . . my god you have so many things to write about!

  10. Make that a readership of 7.

    Love your work!