Thursday, August 21, 2008


Doesn't this look relaxing?
Today, I read the book King Bidgood in the Bathtub by Audrey Wood to my class. It's a great story about a king who won't get out of the bathtub. I know a lot of people, like King Bidgood, who like baths a lot. Baths relieve stress they say. They are relaxing I am told. To me, a bath doesn't relieve stress. It causes it. I admit, the candles, the wine, the relaxing music do have a calming effect (especially the wine), but I can do all three of those things sitting on my couch rather than sitting naked in water. A lot of people seem to really like baths. I'm not one of them.

I have tried. On cold, winter days (not that there are many here in SoCal) I have lit candles, turned on some music, grabbed a book and run a hot bath. It sounds great in theory. But once I'm in it, I ask myself, "What are you doing? You don't even like baths." First of all, I can't seem to get comfortable leaning against the ledge of the tub. I have tried rolled up towels, but I can't seem to lie against them without it bothering my neck. I also get cold from the shoulders up. Sure, I can slide down so my head is barely out of the water, but that isn't comfortable either, plus it's hard to read a book like that. Plus, after a little while the water is cools off. There's something about sitting in a luke warm pool of my own filth that creeps me out a bit. Bored out of my mind is how I describe my experiences sitting in the bath for more than five minutes. Sure, I have a book , but it's covered in water droplets because of all the sliding around trying to get comfortable. Just lying there isn't fun for me, even if it's supposed to be relaxing. If I could type on the computer, paint, or make cards in there, it might be a different story.
Yah, baths just aren't my cup of tea.

Although, I might make an exception if he were in my tub. He sure looks comfy doesn't he?
Until then, this is what I feel like in the bathtub.


  1. Blah! I love a good bath! But I believe you and Jason are completely determined to ruin my baths with visions of the Carrot Manher!

  2. At least your honest. I do like a good bath but it's true, it won't last very long until the water gets cold. Ya just have to have someone else in there to keep things heated up!

    And yes, if you lived closer, you'd have an open invite to mojitos at my place. Heck, you have an open invite now, just let me know when you're in the area :)

  3. Oh gosh, I did what I hate. I spelled "your" instead of "you're." I know better!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my gosh...I think we might actually be the exact same person. I HATE baths for every exact reason you do! I even say that it's like "sitting in your own filth."

    I'm with you COMPLETELY1

  5. I hate sitting in dirty soapy water too.
    Then you have to clean the dang tub of all that scum.

    Now, I like sitting in the jacuzzi! But not with that guy, he looks creepy to me.

  6. Just had to say, we LOVE that book!

  7. I can't stand baths either - for the whole laying in filth thing. This is interesting since Cort and I are sisters and neither of us can stand baths, yet our mom takes them all the time. What do you think is up with that? Meg

  8. Grandma J, that stomach is not creepy! :)

  9. I was SO almost not going to click on that link because I couldn't tear my eyes away from the hunk in the tub, imagining me taking a bath with him...and you, if you wanted...but BOY AM I GLAD I DID!

    This post is superior!

  10. Im with Grandma J...the guy is creepy...

    As for baths, I like them, and find them relaxing and all that good stuff....but, honestly, they arent the best way to "get clean" since you are soaking in your own dirty water.

    After a bath, I take a shower and wash my hair....done that as long as I can remember.

  11. Just when I think I know all of your issues...another one pops up. I don't like your boyfriends eyebrows. They are pointy like the devil. Maybe that's a good thing!!

  12. His eyebrows? My eyes haven't made it there yet. They're still looking at his stomach.