Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Cooking Dream (kind of)

I don’t dream very often, or if I do I don’t remember my dreams very often. When I have dreams that I remember they tend to be after I have worked on some project and/or obsessed about getting something done before going to bed. I used to dream about falling asleep in the back room of the restaurant where I used to waitress and the bar where I bartended. When I prepare school projects up until I go to bed, I prepare them all night long in my sleep.

The other night I had a dream about cooking with my new pots and pans. That dream came after spending the evening unpacking, washing, organizing, and reading about how to use this new cookware.

In addition to the “ruining my new pots and pans” dream, I had another dream that night, or maybe it was part of the same dream. After the cooking fiasco, Tom Colicchio (from Top Chef) appeared in my backyard.

I’m not sure why he was in the backyard, but while he was there I watched him wrap a plastic bag over his hand and pick up a mouse that was crawling up the side of my house. “Ohhhh,” I said with surprise. He wrapped the plastic bag around the mouse and I’m assuming took it away. In the meantime, my cute neighbor from down the street was also in my backyard as well as some other fellow, who I still remember what he looked like but have no idea who he is. Chef Tom, sans mouse, was chatting with the others and there was some concern over the football game on TV that they weren’t able to see. After apparently figuring out the football dilemma, my cute neighbor walked home, Chef Tom and the nameless man agreed that they had a good solution and they left too. At that point I woke up and quickly replayed the dream in my head. I was relieved that the kitchen disaster hadn’t really happened and wondered what this other part could possibly mean. Dreams are funny things. I know they do have meaning, but what could this dream mean? Any thoughts?


  1. Dreams make so much sense when you dream them....but then you wake up!

  2. You are going to have a threesome with Tom, cute neighbor and stanger guy...hopefully the mouse isn't part of it! ;)

  3. I think you need to cook something for the cute neighbor -- that's what the dream is telling you!

    We got a set of cookware similar to yours 6-7 years ago. It was so pretty and I took such care of it . . . Now? Mmm, let's just say that still cooks delicious food . . .

  4. I ws going to ask you for clarification on what was crawling up your house. A mousse as in dessert or a moose as in the big animal.

    But then I double checked on Google to see if mousse or moose could be spelt as 'mouse'(the way you spelt it).

    As I typed in the word 'mouse' and hit enter, Google gave me a big blonde smack across my head.

    The first entry to pop up was "Mouse (computing)" and the second was "Mouse (rodent)"

    Then it hit me, and a mouse (rodent) makes more sense then mousse (dessert) or even mousse (hair product). But I figured, what the hell? It's a dream, anything can happen, right?

    So, in animal spiritual symbolism, seeing a mouse mean you are pregnant!!!!!!

  5. Only joking.

    A mouse is about analysing and organising (which is interesting that it woudl appear in your dream after you spent the evening organising your new pots and pans).

    A house is universally acknowledged to be your "Self".

    The mouse (rodent) was running up the side of your house... I take that to mean your new pots and pans were not just about getting a set of crockery.

    It is a major step for you, and I would dare say one that represents an acheivement as well as having things in order and complete.

    (Which is why having the pots and pans ruined was such a traumatic event)

    Chef Tom took away the mouse (anxiety) which was your subself saying, "Relax. Enjoy it."

  6. Dreams are so funny...odd, familiar, sometimes comfortable...but when you try to piece them back together. Impossible.

    I hope you are enjoying your new cookware!

  7. It means you should invite the cute neighbor over for dinner.


  8. I wonder how you could analyze that : ). What a funny dream Pumpkin. I came to see what delightful things you were going to have whipped up with your new pots! Can't wait!