Sunday, September 27, 2009

Welcome, Come On In

Awhile back I posted about my own personal screwy bank story. At that time I had not been able to take advantage of the low, low interest rates because my home had lost value during this economic crisis. Just this past month however, the “funny business” that was giving me trouble actually worked to my advantage. The investor of my mortgage contacted me and has changed the terms of my loan to a REALLY low interest rate for the next five years. This saves me a lot of money for the time being and while doing so will hopefully let me refinance into something better for the long term when things begin to pick up again. To
celebrate, since I get to keep my house, I thought I’d invite you all over for a tour. houseWelcome!

As you enter the front door, you arrive in the dining room/living room. This model intends this room to be the living room, but the last owners turned the wall behind me into a door, so there is only one wall to put furniture on. Now it’s my dining area. About once a month it gets used. Please notice the beautiful dining room chairs.

stuffTo the right of the dining area is my backyard. Really the main part of the yard is on the side of the house, hence the creation of the door in what was once the living room. It’s a nice size yard for my area. I kill any type of plant that gets pretty flowers, so everything is just green. I guess that’s better than brown.hosue 004Let’s walk through the dining area into the kitchen. It is the smallest kitchen ever – very little counter space and even less cupboard space. There are only two things I like about it – the granite countertop and my Amana gas stove. I love to cook and be in the kitchen, just not this kitchen.

If you follow me, we can head into the living room which is right off the kitchen. Because the dining table and chairs is in the other room, my living room area is huge. I have had my furniture since I lived back in Providence. It is time to get some new pieces, but I just love the colors and patterns. The downstairs bathroom is a little “funny”. The old owners had it topiary-ed out. There were topiaries ALL over the place including painted on the toilet seat cover. We painted over the trees on the wall and changed the seat cover immediately. Someday I will paint it all one color, but other than changing the toilet seat, it hasn’t been one of my top priorities. We’ll head back through the dining area to the stairs and the upstairs landing. The first room on the right at the top of the stairs is the office/art room/gym. Just this summer I moved the office into the larger of the two additional bedrooms. My supplies needed more space. The 3rd bedroom was recently changed from the art room to the guest bedroom. Still working on it with art work and what not, but it will suffice if you’re feeling sleepy. The upstairs guest bathroom.Here we are on the landing, facing the backyard. One of my favorite parts of the house. These etched glass windows are just beautiful. Here’s where all the magic happens I spend most of my time because I LOVE my bed. Lastly, this is the master bathroom. Yes, yes, that is a pink bathtub! As you can probably tell from the other pictures, the previous owners where big time, do-it-yourselfers. This pink, spackle painted bathtub is just another example. Someday I will have a new bathtub/shower put in, but for now I have to live with it. At least it matches the tiles, which I do kind of like.

Thank you so much for coming. I am so glad that you could make it. When I first bought my house at the height of the market certain things about it bothered me a lot. I used to point them out because I didn’t want anyone thinking that I didn’t realize that it wasn’t that great of a house for almost a half a million dollars. I’ve been here for four years, and I’m realizing it’s a pretty nice little house considering it’s now worth nothing, ha!


  1. I think your home is beautiful. I also like the dining room in the front room. You can make a dining room table look so elegant with centerpieces and flowers. I love looking out front while I eat. It's a good excuse to be nosey. My favorite house had a front kitchen nook with a bay window...I loved sitting there!

    I see Jason hasn't been over for dinner...the chairs are beautiful!

    OH, no, I didn't buy that contraption for JJ. He would probably get his tongue caught in something, or try to put stuff that doesn't fit and jam it. He's a crazy dog.

  2. It's beautiful, I love your green backyard with the pretty fence. And? You may have small kitchen, but I am insanely jealous of your gas stove. I'd rather have the small kitchen with the gas stove than a big one with an electric stove. I feel like I'm wasting half of my life cooking with that thing.

  3. I forgot to say I like your driveway.

  4. Lovely house!
    Congrats on the new low interest loan, a big relief I'm sure.
    Love your coffee table in the living room.

  5. Thanks for the tour!!!!! I miss gas stoves and I LOVE your living room table. I just always loved that Pier One/Pottery Barn type wood.

    I also do love the openness when you walk out on your patio. While screened in porches are necessary in FL they're not the prettiest of things.

  6. Oh, if I knew I was coming over I would have brought a hostess gift. You home is lovely.

  7. Lovely! I just love those leaded windows! And the colors in your living room! One thing I approve of is not always using a house the way it was intended.

    I planned to do a little tour of my house soon. I was waiting until I've recovered from this flippin' cold and I caught up on the cleaning!!

  8. Beautiful house PD, and so neat and tidy! Very impressive.

    Thanks for having me over!

  9. Where all the magic happens. Good one. I laughed out loud. I want to know if your house is alwyas that freakin' clean!? Damn, girl. Besides secretary can you also be my life/home organizer?

  10. I haven't yet seen your guest room, and I LOVE it! The blue and the brown really pop well together.

    Your house looks better than ever in these photographs.

    What did grandma J I a messy eater? Do I make your chairs yucky? There must be some kind of joke in here that I am not getting.

  11. Yes, I think your fence is the cutest fence I have seen in a while!

    I like your dining room as well. It is so cosy and comfortable, formal enough to make dinner at your place feel like an event, but not so formal where one is too uncomfortable if they were, let's just say, spill red wine and food all over your newly covered dining room chairs.

    But I would reckon to guess that all the magic happens in the kitchen. I agree about the gas, once you go gas you will never go back to eletric.

  12. I just love your house Pumpkin! My favorite things are your fabulous blue and brown bedroom set and the brown color on the living rooms walls! I just love that!

  13. Very the dining room floor and the BIG chair...great to read in. The tour was great :) I don't dare show my house...but then I'd need a blog...
    Happy Wednesday, lMnop