Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recovering the Painful Dining Chairs

Last week I posted about my new project...recovering my dining chairs. Two weekends ago the project kicked by butt and I had to stop before I finished the other three chairs as I couldn't move. Stopping in the middle of project KILLED me. Once I get my mind set on something I spend every waking our doing it until it's finished, so that weekend was such a disappointment. Anyhow, I got right down to work Friday night when I got home last weekend.
This time I had a different plan of attack. Instead of doing one chair, start to finish, at a time, I did one step on the remaining three chairs at a time.
Here's the before and after...
I bought this dining set about 3 years ago. It is beautiful and I've used it to sit and have dinner with company a total of about 5 times. However, they were FILTHY! All the cushions looked like they have been spilled, spit, and sh%& on. Granted they were off-white; Very pretty, but off-white. So I needed to do something.
Here are my trusty tools. I spent last Saturday asking everyone I could think of if they owned a staple gun. No one did. Before going out to buy one, I stopped in a tool box my dad had made for me to get out the tape measure and low and behold, I HAD ONE!

After unscrewing 8 screws per cushion, I removed the cushion from the chair. Please notice the million staples that I had to remove with a screwdriver and pliers. That was just firs layer. After removing the black mesh cover, I then had to unstaple the piping which was a whole other layer.

Here is what was removed from ONE CHAIR! Look at all those staples. I left the last layer of material on, not wanting to remove anymore staples.

After taking out a million staples, I then had to put in a million more around the new fabric.

Then a million more around the black mesh cover.
Two days later. Here is the finished product. It was dark and the flash was making the photos a bit distorted. The chairs look pink, but they really aren't they are a light and dark wine color.

The next day, here is the whole dining set.

Here it is up close.
Here is the whole set again from the other side.

I love my "new" chairs. I hope they last longer because I don't want to do THAT again. If you are thinking about doing it, it wasn't complicated, just hard work.


  1. I love the new look! It's hard work, but worth it.

    I used to do mine every couple of years, usually adding a layer of "fluff" lol. It sure does make you feel like you have a new dining room set though!

    Now you have to cover them with plastic before you invite any slobs over. :))

  2. Lovely...any chance you'll do mine for me? :)

    I hope Grandma J isn't referring to me and Jason!

  3. I love the way they turned out! I have wanted to try this, but I don't actually have any chairs/furniture that have cushions I will have to wait.

  4. They look awesome! I have never done something like that. I don't think I will have to since I don't have a dining room set. Or any chairs with cushions for that matter. I make people sit on hard wood when they come over. Cause I am mean like that! How many more days of school Pumpkin?

  5. They look great. Good job!

    Now, whoever these people are that are getting your chairs so nasty, you need to talk to them.

    Did you get tired of your rug?

  6. Redoing mine was easy. I bough the fabric and handed it to my husband. I guess I should appreciate his effort more after looking at what you did!

    It looks great.

  7. I see your thinking in going with colours of light and dark wine.

    But regarding the origin of a certain stain you mentioned, perhaps you can take it as a compliment... your guests were having such a good time they shit themselves laughing.

  8. The chairs are beautiful! What a great job you did!! Nice work! I'm stopping over at the suggestion of a mutual friend Jason. :) Well, I just sorta know him via blogging. Anyway, very well done on the chairs!

  9. We just did ours a few months ago. We also had off white, which really doesn't go with two boys. We just put our material right over the old one. A tip I got from Sue. Also, we have a staple gun, fyi. Enjoy the new chairs.


  10. Very cool! I loe your floors too!

  11. Great job on the cushions. At least you didn't have to refinish the chairs as well. What's the next project?

  12. They're beautiful, I love the new color.