Friday, June 19, 2009

Frickin' Apple

I've had my iPhone for less than a year and now they have a new, bigger and better one! The 3Gs comes out today. Mine is now half the price and the new one is, I think, less than I bought mine for and it has more memory, more apps, more everything. (folds arms and pouts) To make matters worse, now that I have one and an ATT account, I have to pay like 3x more to upgrade to that phone. With Verizon, they just about paid me when I upgraded to a new phone, but $599 to go from my phone to the new one is all it costs to transfer...the new 3Gs is only $199 at the store. I don't get it!

Stupid Apple! Stupid ATT!


  1. Can't you just buy it then? It's cheaper if your monthly plan is over $99, and of course mine is with the internet, GPS, and unlimited text etc. These phones are advancing faster than I can keep up with.

    I have ATT and I agree with you on they way they disregard their current customers. When I got my Blackjack II I paid $300, and I was due for an upgrade to boot!

    When I moved to Texas I went into to ATT and asked for a local phone #. That request made me a new customer, and the previous seven years with them no longer existed!!

    Enjoy your weekend. Fix a nice meal and enjoy your refurbished dining room chairs!

  2. So has it been worth it, over all?
    Or do you regret it?

  3. I've written, like, three hundred posts on this subject but deleted them before I hit "Publish." Because I'm pretty sure it's illegal to threaten to kill people and set their stores on fire. ;) IOW, I feel your pain. (I have the original iPhone. You know, the one from two iPhones ago).

  4. Oh no. What are you going to do. I have AT&T but just a regular phone. I didn't think I was cool enough for an iphone. I have been feeling cooler lately, so maybe I will switch!

    Will you get to see your Dad tomorrow on fathers day? Hope you have a good time whatever you do!

  5. My regular phone fell out of the car window ( don't ask) so my hubs gave me his i phone and he upgraded to the 3g thingamajig.

  6. Did you do the (free) software upgrade? It made me almost as happy as a new phone.

    My poor middle child? Bought her first iPhone ONE WEEK before the new release. D'oh!