Friday, June 26, 2009

Pushing Daisies

Last year 'Pushing Daisies', a quirky little show, aired on television. It hasn't been on for awhile, but its new season started up again a week or so ago. I am so happy that it's back on.

The premise of the show is that Ned, the cute guy in the middle, found out that he had a very special power when he was a young boy. He is able to bring dead people back to life with his touch. However, once he brings them back to life there are two events that happen - First, if he touches them a second time they will die again, second, if he keeps them alive for more than a minute or two, someone else will die. I won't go into detail as to how he found that out since that's not the point of my post, but I will say that as an adult his childhood dog is still alive, but he has to pet it with a wooden hand.

Ned's main career is a pie maker. He owns a pie shop called the "Pie Hole". However he hooked up with a private investigator to solve murders. When someone dies suspiciously, they go to the morgue and the corpse tells them how they died when Ned touches him or her. This must be done in a minute or two before Ned has to touch them a second time before someone else dies. It's morbid I know, but clever. During the first episode Ned's childhood sweetheart dies suspiciously on a cruise ship. Ned and the PI go to the morgue and when Ned realizes it's Charlotte (nicknamed Chuck) he can't touch her a second time to make her die again. Fast forward through the next season, as Ned and Chuck have helped the PI solve crimes and been involved in numerous shenanigans, they have fallen in love.

That is wonderful, but there's only one problem, they can't touch each other - nothing, not even hold hands. Which got me thinking. Of course this is just television, but what a dilemma, don't you think? They have a great emotional love, but no physical love. Certainly there are people out there that have great physical love, but limited emotional love. A combination of both is ideal, but watching this show makes me ponder this dilemma. My head says, of course if I had to choose between just emotional love with my true love, I'd take it. But then my heart says how miserable that would be if he were my true love. It would be a very difficult choice. What do you think? If you had to make that choice, what would you choose?


  1. I haven't seen the show, but if I had to choose between emotional or physical I might take the pysical.

    Are you a BB fan? It's starting up again July 9th!

  2. I'm shocked to hear Grandma J say such a thing.

    I love Pushing Daisies. Every episode is outstanding. I'm surprised that you like it since it has such an unrealistic flair to it. I heard it was cancelled, but it is back now? Excellent...

    Emotional love vs. physical love? Tricky question. I suppose I would choose emotional love as long as I could take care of the physical aspect elsewhere without feeling guilty about it. Is that an option?

  3. I really like this show, too. It is something to ponder. I guess it comes down to the physical not being worth much without the emotional.

  4. I will go with emotional love because everyone gets old and who wants to do it with an old guy anyway? Plus, maybe we could borrow Jason's pink pig and take care of ourselves...if you know what I mean!

  5. I really don't know. That is so hard. I think emotional but I could change my mind. Thank you for giving me something to think about while I am sitting for hours at the pool tomorrow : ). Thank you very much! I want to watch the show now. It sounds intriguing!

  6. I started watching this show when it first started, then the writer's went on strike and I lost track of it.
    I didn't know it was back on !!


  7. I thought that was just the finale of the first (and last) season. I didn't think it was a new season. Hope it is! I love that show.