Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ahh, the Food (and the Wine), Pt. 4

Really this would be part 3.5. After Florence, we headed to Liguria. I hadn't been to the Italian Riviera before so I took over 600 pictures over three days. I haven't had time to get through all of them yet, so I am going to take you on a little side-trip.
My friend Marcie was visiting a friend in Italy so she took a train to meet us in Florence, got in our car, and we drove west towards Lucca and Pisa before putting Marice back on the train and heading North to Liguria.
Lucca is one of many walled cities. I love walled cities for some reason. Lucca was no exception.

We wandered around the city for awhile. It was very cute and has A LOT of churches, but we had limited time if we wanted to make it to Pisa.

We had to have a little lunch before leaving Lucca. Fresh mozzarella is truly delicious. Nom, nom, nom.
Then we headed to Pisa. I couldn't drive through it without stopping to see the Leaning Tower.

I am glad I visited, but I was a little disappointed. It was SOOOOO touristy. Ya know the token picture where it looks like you are pushing on the tower? Well all of my photos have 3 or 4 people at various points in the picture pretending to push on it. But because I wasn't taking their picture, it just looks like a whole lot random people walking like zombies through my pictures.

The main church was beautiful.

After pushing through mobs of tourists we treated ourselves to some gelato. I know, what a surprise.
Almost to the Italian Riviera. More to come shortly.


  1. I feel like I am right there in the crowd of people pretending to push it over.... : )
    And I am definitely at the gelatto counter.

  2. Oh my! Your photos...and especially photos of food are inspiring me to plan a vacation to Italy...but no karaoke thank you!