Friday, June 12, 2009

My Pants are on Fire!

Jason invited me to play Two Lies and One Truth.
Below are three "facts" about me; one is the true, and two are lies.

1. I once hitched hiked to a party carrying a case of beer.

2. For about 10 years my entire family spent Thanksgiving in Hawaii and we roasted a pig instead of a turkey.

3. I once sat next to Robert DeNiro at a hockey game. When the Kings scored a goal he jumped out of his seat and spilled his beer on me.

Which is which?


  1. I'm going with #2 as the God's honest truth.

    Your family is one traveling machine! I can just see you spending Thanksgiving in Hawaii. Actually, I can picture ME spending Thanksgiving in Hawaii!

    As for #1...possible, but not likely.

    #3? Wishful thinking! :)

  2. #1 could have happened while you were back east.

    #2 could have happened because of your family's history with Hawaii.

    #3 did not happen because SURELY you would have told me this one.

    Soooo, I'll say #2 is true. You're too much of a rule follower to be hitch hiking with beer.

  3. Hmmmmmm. I like this game.

    I think that the truth is #1.

    The other two sound like something which actually could have happened, which is why I am lead to believe that they are the LIES!

    Oh and I love the pants on fire graphic!

  4. I'm totally going with #1 as being true because I think I may have done that a few years ago . . . but I can't remember, LOL.

  5. I think you walk on the wild side and I'm saying #1 is true.

  6. I'm going to trust Jason's judgment and guess that #2 is the truth. It sounds like a pretty cool thing to do.

  7. My guess is #2


  8. I think that is so cool that you went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. It sounds like you have a very fun family! We never camped. Ever. I always thought a metal house would be the bomb!