Monday, June 1, 2009

Ahhh, the Food (and the Wine), Pt. 3

The next stop on my Italian adventure was Florence. I love Florence! It's such an amazing place - all that history, all that art.
After going through my Florence pictures, I realized I had very little pictures of food. We ate very well on this trip and I thought I had documented every tasty meal, but apparently I did not.

I guess with all there is to do in Florence I was either too busy or too exhausted to take pictures of food.
And why would I have time after visiting Santo Spirito, the church where the young Michelangelo self-taught himself anatomy using the corpses from the hospital
Or walking the Oltrarno quarter where artisans (here a shoemaker) carry on their families' centuries-old traditions.
Maybe I was too busy wondering through small churches with frescoes that are hundreds and hundreds of years old, which were created over other frescoes that are even older.

We walked past the Duomo a hundred times I think...
At all hours of the day.
Same with Piazza della Signoria.
We did make time for some gelato though. I think the gelato in Florence is the best that I have had, and we had it a lot!

The gelato counters are beautiful,
And a scoop or two is so refreshing.
The sightseeing continued for three days. We did eat, there are just no photos to prove it.
However on our last night, after another trip over the Ponte Vechhio
For beautiful sunset views

We stopped at this restaurant on the bridge and I did manage to get a picture of the sign.

Next stop: Liguria, aka The Italian Riviera


  1. You ar etrying to torture us, aren't you?

  2. Every thing is so beautiful! EVERYTHING. Especially the gelatto... : ).

  3. Yes, jlo, this is torture. A sweet kind of torture.

  4. I just looked again at your pictures. I am amazed. They are SO beautiful!