Monday, June 22, 2009

Ahh the Food (and the Wine) Pt. 5

After dropping Marcie at the train station, we left Pisa and headed Northwest to Liguria, otherwise known as the Italian Riviera. Wow! What a place. This was an area of Italy I had not been to before so it was all new and all spectacular.After getting lost, really lost, we finally arrived at our accommodations for a few days. This place was not a hotel or even a villa, it was a castle, that's right a castle. We stayed for 3 nights in Zoagli, a small seaside town that sits just south of Portofino and Genoa. Our castle is owned by the Duke of Zoagli. We met him. We even had breakfast with him.

Here is our first view of the castle. It's nice, but just wait...

Here it is standing across the water from it. Sitting right out onto the water, the land across the way is Portofino. The black dot on the top floor, facing the water was our room.
Here is the entrance to our castle.
Here's the entrance to our room.
Here is the window in our room that opens right out to the ocean. We had two more; one on the right and one on the left.

Here's the view to the left.
Here's the view to the right.

This is the little town of Zoagli. The castle has it's own private gate and walkway that took us behind those buildings right into the center of town.

After a good night's sleep, we wandered around the Duke's property, had lunch, and then headed to Portofino. This is where the rich get richer.

Oh, pardon me, let me move my yacht. I do hate when it blocks such a beautiful view.

Portofino!!! It was so pretty.

We actually ate dinner here the first night and came back the second night because the food and wine were so good.

Good Eating!
Liguria is the birthplace of pesto. My first (and second) dinner in the Italian Riviera was short pasta with pesto. Oh. My. God. It was so good!

We finished it off with a sip, or two, of limoncello. Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!

Dogs in restaurants is not an uncommon occurrence in Italy. I like dogs, so it didn't bother me. During our second meal at this restaurant a small dachshund ran around visiting. As I tried to get a picture his owner, my new husband, picked him up to hold the dog still so I could take his picture.
I'd like you to meet Alex, I don't remember the dog's name. All I remember is that the stupid dog wouldn't hold still so my picture of it and beautiful Alex came out all blurry.
More to come on the Italian Riviera. It is too beautiful for only one post!


  1. So, besides the castle, yachts and wonderful food, what's Alex's address. I want to thank him for being so kind to you. Seriously, that's all I want it for.

  2. This is the next place I have to go whenever we return to Italy. Unbelievably beautiful!

    And Alex? Not bad either.

  3. I am now daydreaming! Italy, castles, beautiful views, great food and Alex. Mmm. Nice!

  4. Really who cares about getting a clear shot of dog? I think you captured Alex's essence beatuifully. It is probably best to have a blurry reminder of his face, it all adds to the mystery and fantasty!

    The food looks good, but I was distracted by the limoncello and it reminded me that my lemons are almost ready and I will begin making limoncello in a few weeks time.

    Last but not least. I love the castle. It is manageably grand and in the perfect setting. You must have felt like duchess stayin there!

  5. WOW, the castle, the food, the view. Outrageous!!!! I would like Portofino!

  6. I know everyone has already said it, but... HELLLLOOO, Alex. Beautiful photos.