Sunday, May 22, 2011

I’m Still Here, Are You?

Well, 6:00 has come and gone.  I assumed I wouldn’t be one of the chosen ones who was called to heaven, but it doesn’t seem that I know anyone who was either.   

Just in case though, I made sure this was a fun weekend. 

The Hollywood Bowl was full of “sinners” Friday night who attended the Kylie Minogue show.  It was fun AND eventful!

rapture 002Mike, Santiago, and Jason acted out some of the upcoming songs.

rapture 004I love The Bowl!  It was a gorgeous evening.

rapture 019
 rapture 021Kylie sang all of our faves.
 rapture 028Final Encore!

rapture 039As 6:00 PM loomed on Saturday Rigby was clearly concerned!

rapture 041Soothing ourselves with wine and cheese Saturday night as judgment day arrived. 

After all the hype…nothing!  Even though I knew there was no chance, part of me hoped I was a chosen one so I didn’t have to face another week of testing. Oh well.


  1. I love that you had a fun weekend : ) God didn't come yesterday, but he is coming one day. It's easy to know for sure if you are going to go to heaven or hell. If you believe you go to heaven, and if you don't you go to hell. Simple.

    I am sorry you hate testing. I will pray that it goes well this week.

  2. Glad we are still around...although not testing! My sister saw the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl waaaay back in the day. I was 4 years old but I remember her saying that she couldn't even hear the music because of all the girls screaming! Looks like you at least were able to hear the music :)

  3. You have to admire Kylie for somehow those Irish genes have come together and made her younger than ever she was in the 90's. Did you have Neighbours* in the States. Herself and Jason Donovan were something of an item on the show. And again the Irish genes for somehow he's not gay.

  4. Yep, still here! I love how Rigby situates himself where he can relax AND monitor the goings on in the hood. JJ always has to have a window in his scope.

  5. @M - ha! That's kind of how it was this time too, but instead of crazy, screaming girls it was adult gay men. We could hear the music...they showed their "love" in other ways. ;)

  6. @Vince - She looked great! Were the late 80s/early 90s kind to any of us really? She did a few bars of Locomotion the one and only song I remember from back then. No, we didn't get Neighbors, but the Bowl was full of gay men who may have switched teams for her.

    @GJ - she's so goofy. Rigby spends a lot of her day just like that staring out the window, letting me (and everyone in a 5 mile radius) know that someone is walking or driving by.

  7. Pretty much an awesome weekend, then! The Bowl, Kylie, wine tasting, and no rapture!

  8. I'm so sorry that you were not one of the chosen ones. Back to Hell for you! m.
    p.s. I'm texting from Heaven.

  9. Still here! I love the Hollywodd Bowl too. Two fun evenings in a row Kimmy!