Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother’s Day…This and That

Happy cinco de mayo Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. My mom lives 3,000 miles away so we will just be speaking on the phone this weekend. My mom is pretty great. Just like any mother and daughter, we get frustrated with each other, but I love my mom very much and, although I don’t want her living with me, I wish she lived closer.

I sent my mom a package containing little Mother’s Day gifts. I’m hoping it arrives on time as the postal service in Hawaii is often much to be desired. The envelope was decorated especially for her…
food 001 copy food 003
Here is a “poem” (I’m not a poet and I totally know it!) about my Mom…

Mom, when you are in Hawaii
I miss you so much.
When you are here (staying with me)
Well, not as such.

You’re the person I call
When I need advice
Or just to chat about our day
Is very nice.

I love to hear about your crazy antics
Like transporting ganja in the trunk
Or not deleting trapster so
you can drive home drunk .
(I know she’ll kill me for that stanza)

You shoot beautiful photography
In your tropical location
And make just about everyday
A special occasion.

I know it’s been an adjustment
Without dad in your life
But you’ve handled it quite well
Without too much strife.

I continue to wish you
Happy times
And many bottles
Of good red wine!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

mom 2

and a happy cinco de mayo to  you all!



  1. That was great! Your mom sounds like a hoot! :-)

  2. Awww, I loved it!! And I love the music on your blog...I'm going back for more :)

  3. Very cute! You and your mom have a great relationship.

  4. Loved this. That first stanza totally made me laugh.

  5. A sweet poem to your mom. Nicely done and funny with the ganja and drunk driving.

  6. Yeah, Heaney is safe enough. They won't be putting 'An File' in your passport anytime soon. But that poem does the job. And why else is a poem.

    And Hawaii. Really Hawaii. (Vincent spitting feathers).

  7. ...see, you are waaay too talented!!!

    when teh hamster wheel stops I will make your prize!

  8. Yeah, your mom is pretty awesome! This poem was cute, and quite funny!

  9. Oh I love the poem and the sentiment is so sweet. She's gonna love the poem and the beautiful artwork.

  10. Great Poem from the heart! Love the envelope!

    Visiting from Mama Kats =)

  11. That was too much! She's going to love it. Hopefully you traced your hands on something too. Mom's love that!