Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Testing Week, Day 3

In honor of testing week, I’m posting daily frustrations about standardized testing.  Click if you’ve missed day 1 or day 2.

I opened the door to the classroom today and something was amiss.  Someone had been in my room.   As I dragged my giant bag of testing paraphernalia through the door, I was “greeted” with a harsh, “I’ve walked through your room and you have things up that need to be taken down before you give the test.”  My sunglasses were on, so I could roll my eyes without being seen. 

When standardized testing begins we are told to take down posters and teaching materials used to teach anything that is on the test.  Even though there are still 6 weeks left of school, teachers are told to basically tear down anything of substance from their walls because clearly the testing is more important than instruction in school.  I had taken down the posters I use for skills’ instruction last week.  However, what I did leave up was 7 posters that my kids created to help them include description and emotional reaction to their writing.  rocks 136We write daily, and use these posters all the time.  So I didn’t take them down. 

This morning I was asked to.  It’s so irritating, because nothing on them is on the test.  Removing them before the test every morning and putting them back up after the test every afternoon is just ridiculous, not to mention that (as I’ve established) I’m not that tall.  Taking them up and down requires chairs or ladders.  It’s hardly worth the effort…even though there are still 6 weeks left ,and I need those damn posters!  I can’t stand testing!

Did you listen to “Not on the Test” yet!  Here’s your chance.


  1. Someone likes to assert their authority even if it's petty.

  2. Oh man! That makes me so mad. I have helped many teachers remove their signs in the city. One of my favorite teachers came up with the brilliant idea of putting up large yellow sticky sheets over top of the posters so she could just rip them down when testing was done.

    Thank you for being a teacher and making a difference.

  3. Come now. We should all be willing to do whatever we are told to do regarding the STAR, because, after all, it is The Most Important Thing in the Whole World.

  4. THE most inportant thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. UGH.

  5. Ugh! I'm done. I thought these daily posts would be cathartic this week, but they are just firing me up. The kids are funny whilst the testing IS NOT!