Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Testing Week, Day 2

In honor of testing week, I’m posting daily snippets about the joys of standardized testing.  If you missed yesterday, here’s Day 1.

Most teachers use gimmicks and bribes to get through standardized testing.  Elementary school kids don’t really have an understanding of the importance some put on these kinds of tests, so using some encouragement can help increase effort.  I have heard of teachers letting their kids chew minty gum or suck on mints to keep minds awake.  Another idea is to let the kids take off their shoes while they are testing.  Others use bribes like extra recesses or parties or prizes for putting forth best efforts.

As I’ve mentioned, my school has a very low income population and therefore one of our biggest concerns is that our kids won’t have eaten a decent breakfast.  We don’t want growling bellies to lessen focus while testing.  Many of us have “brainfood” available for our kids when they arrive in the classroom.  During morning business and while setting up for the test, students are given a little baggie or cup of brainfood.  This is like a trail mix mixture with cereals, nuts, raisins, pretzels, etc. 

This year I have a student who is allergic to peanuts, so I created his own bag of brainfood.  After explaining this to him, one of my other students and I shared this exchange…

R – Can I get my own bag because I’m allergic to these raisins. (snarls at the raisins in his baggie)

Miss Delight – You’re allergic to raisins?  I’ve never heard of that allergy before.

R - (nods) I am!

Miss Delight – What happens when you eat them?

R – I spit them out and go aaagggghhhhh (making a gagging sound). 

Miss Delight - (rolls eyes and walks away)

If you didn’t get a chance to see this yet, be sure to check it out.  Fun-ny!


  1. You have some funny kids there. m.

  2. Oh my gosh! SO flipping funny : )
    Ha Ha HA!

  3. Oh, I am Becky. I just did our communal global post.

  4. Donuts. Next year buy some donuts, no one will be alergic.

  5. You know I have a severe allergy to liver and onions.

  6. you mean the kids view the entire exercise as an 'The Emperor's New Clothes' issue.

  7. Ha! My daughter really is allergic to grapes...no raisins, no wine, nope...not for her...but she used to like them...they didn't make her go, "agugh!"

    Happy testing :) I'm with Grandma J...donuts!

  8. @ Mark and Becky - yes they are funny...until they're not.

    @ Gma J - That's true, but then I'd get fired because I didn't follow the wellness policy.

  9. @Mami - I know, I make that same gagging sound over a lot of foods. In fact I have told people I am allergic to seafood, just cuz I don't like it and it's easier to say that than to explain why I don't.

    @Vince - hmmm, am I the tailors or the naked emperor in that scenario? :) "R" is definitely a swindler...but I didn't believe him for a second.

    @M - I didn't know there were grape/raisin allergies. Actually, sometimes I think I have an allergy to red wine. It makes me flush and say stupid things. :)
    "R" doesn't have allergies so I wasn't being cruel. Besides, I didn't make him eat them. He was allowed to put them to the side.

  10. Those sound like perfectly acceptable allergies. In fact, I'm allergic to the STAR and that's what I do every day that I am forced to interact with it.