Saturday, May 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Big
  • For the last two weeks my students and I have been watching “The Sound of Music” during the last 15-20 minutes of school.  On Monday, one of the kids had an A-ha moment when he realized that the movie was taking place in another country.  We discussed it for a moment and he asked if they spoke English in that country.  I told him I was sure many of the people did, but that they had their own language.  He wondered aloud why the movie was not in the language of the country it took place in.  Then this evening I watched the season finale of “The Borgias” – the Showtime drama about the wonderfully scandalous Borgia family.  As I watched, I also thought about the Sound of Music.  English is spoken in both programs.  However the English is spoken with a British accent in both as well.  Why is it that TV/Movies taking place in European countries with their own language always have actors who speak with an English accent?  Of course, the shows are made for an English speaking audience, but why couldn’t the accent be that of German or Italian (in the case of the two mentioned above)?
  • Rigby has a new best friend.  My neighbor down the street has border collie mix named Emma who is the same age as Rigby.  Emma comes to visit 2-3 times a week for a play date.  Being that they are both working dogs, they have similar energy and temperaments.  The two of them have a blast and spend most of their time herding each other around the back yard.  Which gives me a break from being herded around the house.  They run and wrestle for hours; to the point that they are so tired but don’t want to stop playing.  So they just roll around on top of each other. 

art 039

They are so darn cute!art 037  And the best part…they are both exhausted when the date is over.

  • Speaking of Rigby, now that the temperature has warmed up a bit, she is shedding so badly.  I find her hair everywhere!  This tool was recommended to me…
    It’s the Furminator!   It’s does a great job of really getting out that undercoat and is quite gentle.  Rigby likes when I brush her with it. The last few weeks though it’s been like I’m shearing a sheep.  There is so much hair coming off my dog, it’s unbelievable.  
    dogThis hair is what I brushed out in about 5 minutes today.  Someone could make a sweater out of all that fur.  Not me, but someone could.


  1. My one rattles herself in a rolling movement that her head has stopped altogether while the tail is still oscillating.
    One day I was getting a thorn out of her when I looked real closely only to discover that she has between 6 and 10 hairs per hair pit. And all at different lengths.
    She has hair like the teeth of a bloody shark.

  2. I could watch dogs play all day...very kids but without all the tattling!

    Funny about the movie...I remember thinking Madeline was an orphan because why else would she not live with mom and dad? Boarding school was something you never hear of in CA.

    Happy LOOOOOOONG Weekend

  3. I am trying to imagine you knitting up a sweater with that. If anyone could do it, it would be you. You are so darn creative and crafty.

  4. That's exactly why we do kid playdates poop them out! LOL!

  5. @Vince - I love the rolling around! Mine, since the last couple of months, has taken to rolling around and "talking". It makes me smile cuz I know she's happy. Rigby has puppy TEETH like a bloody shark!

    @M - "without the tattling" LOVE it and isn't it true?!?!
    You have a great weekend too! I am thrilled that next week ends up only being 3 days as one of our furlough days was tacked on to next week. Monday and Friday off! Yay!

  6. @JLo - Even though she's having a blast, the best part is the exhaustion for sure.

    @Jason - I know! So fun.

  7. I love it when dogs can get plenty of exercise with other dogs. That's why JJ goes to Doggie Daycare. His bestest friend? a huge rottweiler. I asked one of the owner if she thought that was strange since there are plenty of small dogs for JJ to play with and she said, no because when they come back inside JJ uses Hank for a pillow. lol

  8. My niece has a sheltie and she gets herded in her condo!!! Wonderful that these two enjoy each other so much. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  9. Do you know what gets me about the whole accent in movies thing?

    Whenever the movie/musical is set in France and is about the working class, they use a Cockney English accent.

    It drives me NUTS! or Should I say, "Right batty, guv'ner!"